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Here you can create a sandbox page for drafting and reviewing. Feel free to go ahead and make a page - you don't need to apply to join or be a member of the main wiki. However, note that each user should only have one Sandbox page with their name as the title. Please do not create an individual page for every draft.

Please note: if you want your sandbox page to show up in the list of all sandboxes, make sure you don't have a colon in your URL. Wikidot parses colons in page URLs as denoting separate categories (for example, "forum:" for all forum-related pages), and the module in the sidebar is designed only to show those pages not in a category. The best way to ensure that this function doesn't lead to problems is to not include a colon when typing the title in the "Add a New Page" section.

Your page will be added to the Existing Sandboxes List automatically after being created: if you do not want your page appearing on the list for whatever reason, tag it as exclude.

Legal Stuff

The sandbox and main site use a "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License", which means that a) anyone can create a derivative work of anything on the Library, but have to release it under the same license - and b) the work is almost impossible to profit off of, since people can legally create a derivative work and release that for free.

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