888,888 Grains of sand


Here we are.

Story in 3

"Ah! Cameron!"


"Ah, Cameron, here, sit by the fire, I have a story to tell!"

"Okay, gramps, lay it on me!"

"This town is very old, you see, and a long time ago, one day, suddenly, there were fireworks in the very center of the town"


"The fireworks were going off, repeatedly, for hours and hours!

The townspeople did not think the fireworks would ever stop, and they were right! Sleepless nights, restless days, the fireworks stopped everything!

But eventually…

The townspeople got used to them

So used to them they didn't even really agknowledge their existence!

The fireworks weren't causing problems to the atmosphere or anything.

But in the end, everybody ignored the fireworks, whether they liked it or not!

One day, the fireworks stopped. But nobody noticed.

Moral of the sto-"

"Gramps, there's a big plot hole in this story"

"Well it's a true story!"

"Yeah, but how did you or anyone know the fireworks even disappeared?"

"Well, uh, hmm, y-you can go out and play, I will- I have to go now!"

And off he went.

Cameron later decided to try to find these fireworks.

He searched around the central building, and out popped his grandpa

"Son! Please go back home"

"Gramps, do you think those fireworks are around here somewhere?"

"Y-No, son, go back home"

"Grampa, these fireworks, they just have to be around here, if they aren't, I know they are still going off!"

"Please, son, please!"

"Gramps, why do you not want me to find these fireworks?"

"Son, the fireworks… they arent real!"

He said with a strange face.

"It's always been easy to tell when you lie, gramps."

"Oh son…"

"Son, if you want to find those fireworks then go ahead, but I warned you, okay?"

15 minutes pass.

Cameron didn't find any fireworks. Not even a fuse, or an explosive!

"Wait, if i blank my mind, I can tell if the fireworks even exist!"

So he closed his eyes and lost himself in his own thoughts.

He thought.

He thought about the universe.

What if the universe was just a bunch of drop-down boxes?

What if I could explore the universe by order of possession?

What's beyond an atom?

Where are these thoughts coming from?

Oh yeah, that one game i pla-


"Oh yes! Fireworks!"

Cameron ran around screaming.

He wanted to let everyone know that these fireworks were a thing.

And he successfully did.

Later that day a search party was called to find the fireworks.

But then cameron realized something

The fireworks did not bother him.

Or anyone.

Infact, they were nice.

He wanted to keep them.

But the rest of the town thought they wanted them gone!

"Gramps! You were right!"

"Ah, I knew it"

"Gramps, let's convince these people not to find those fireworks!"

"But why? How will we sleep? They are very annoying!"

"Are they?"

Gramps pondered it for a bit.

"No, no they aren't!"

"Lets get to that search party!"

A search party was made to find the search party.

It took some hefty convincing.

In the end the fireworks remained.

And they still remain.

And they are still firing.

Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, all filled with wondrous color

And to think an entire town could ignore it.

Alright, META TIME!

Story in 3

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