One Donut's uwubox

Throughout the centuries, historians, archeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, shapeshifters, and even common everyday mermaids, have fiercely debated the pros and cons of living on land versus living in water. For a long time, nobody had given it any thought, but then old Yabida ruined it for everybody by sticking her head up out of the ocean and spotting the Humans. If they were doing it, it couldn't be all that awful, could it?

After several mermaids' lifetimes of reviewing food sources, pollution concerns, housing options, and potential predators, the question was finally answered for good. Once they knew about the Dragons, everyone agreed that living in the ocean was far better in every respect.

Of course, that didn't mean that everyone was happy about it. In fact, there were three in particular who were completely put out about it. These particular mermaids had claimed an enviable hidden cave as their personal hangout.

"Still can't believe it." Meeritsatte complained. "Spent forty whole years of my life growing up, wondering what it'd be like to visit land, and now I ‘can't do that’ because ‘there are Dragons’. Ridiculous. We don't have anything good down here. How am I supposed to move on with my life knowing they have vodka up there and I can't just go and get it?"

Pulsatsia laughed. "You don't have to go on land to get vodka. They bring it with them on boats."

"Oh, that's so helpful. My parents don't want me so much as poking my head above the waves anymore."

Rakoveena leaned in. " You can always bring the boats down under the waves." She whispered, with a glint in her eyes.

Meeritsatte stared at her "You didn't."

Rakoveena smirked. "We sure did. Not too far out from here. Nice big one, think I'll move into it someday."

"Oh you have got to show me. Now."

Two hours later, they were lounging in a room lined with crates. Having found the vodka, they were attempting to drink it without spilling it into the water, which became more difficult as it began to take effect on them.

"You didn't- the Humans on the ship- were they okay?" Meeritsatte asked.

"Of course they're fine." Pulsatsia rolled her eyes. "You don't see them, do you? They're not here, theyre fine."

"They got out of the big boat with a bunch of little boats. They didn't sink." Rakoveena agreed.

There was an awkward silence where they all struggled to keep vodka from leaking as they drank it.

"This is all such whaleshit. We shouldn't have to sink a ship just for some vodka." Meeritsatte said, pouring vodka into her eyes. "Someone should do something."

"Do what?" Pulsatsia asked. "What is anyone supposed to do about Dragons being up there?"

"I don't know, what did you do about vodka being up there? Sink the Dragons."

"Sink the Dragons? Do you even hear yourself?"

"I hear her," Rakoveena chimed in, "and I think it's the best damned idea anyone's had. It'd solve so many problems."

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