A man and his pup

Never had he been so happy, in all of immortality, than holding this egg. His egg. One wouldn’t expect a humanoid male to lay an egg but, well, here he was. The shell was a beautiful deep green, speckled with gold and light blue. A light pulsed from inside. A light of life. His child. He made this, he couldn’t believe he made this.

The days leading up to the hatching were uneventful; he was stuck in his nest, constructed of soft blankets, bedsheets, and pillows, curled around this beautiful egg. He didn’t need to get up; what was the point? He didn’t eat, or sleep even. His life was devoted to this child; he’d been trying for so long.

Hearing a small cracking noise, the creature moved one of his large wings to reveal the egg had begun to split. It was hatching! The excitement was nearly unbearable at this point. Who could keep a straight face when watching something this cute? It wasn’t long before the thing split open, revealing what appeared to be a 8 month old infant, yawning and squeaking. A little tail came from it’s back, as well as two little wings and little horn nubs. A copy of her mother, truly.

The king had needed an heir for years, and she was perfect. He scooped her up before she had the chance to cry out for him, holding her close and bundling her up in the curve of his wing. He fawned over her, sang to her, held her little hand.

This was his child. His pup. And the happiest day of his life.

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