Picture 4

An underwater druid/prophet/wise guy. Reworked certain sections of the Library’s works regarding the underwater. Wrote numerous works on the wacky underwater subjects. Different tellings of his death/disappearance. Coral Saint of -.

Few men are as well recognized by their endeavors with understanding marine philosophy as Arn, known also as the Coral Saint of 18th Oceans. Born in a reality where his homeworld had been submerged nearly entirely in water, Arn was taken as a disciple by Yrin Zorago, a renowned mantis shrimp philosophist. He quickly earned recognition himself both for his deep understanding of the meta-ethical quandaries and knowledge in the field of coral medical care. Arn also eventually discovered a way to the Library, where he was instrumental in the reorganization of the Library’s catalogs regarding the lungfish conflicts and underwater -. Some of his most well-known pieces include -

Picture 6

An abstract, eldritch being performing rather mundane things.

While their exact details regarding their birth are uncertain, Rd’asrgfdsk is estimated to have been born at some point between the birth of the universe and 67 million years into the future. As a cross-reality being existing within the 754th dimension, their full nature is imperceivable to most beings. In terms of their achievements, Rd’asrgfdsk is known best for his extensive essays regarding the proper maintenance of cabinets and the practical applications of imaginary dreams.

Picture 11

A multiversal businessman. Was discovered within the Library as a child. Became extremely enamored with capitalism after reading a book about it. Has a number of companies across the multiverse, all with the initials “KFC”.

The Colonel was discovered as a child within the Library1, with his parents and origin being a mystery. He was raised by Library staff and grew reading the various works within the Library. One work in particular, “The Wonders of the Capitalistic Society” written by Wixx Vin Wernax2, captured the youth’s mind, causing them to pursue a career in multiversal business.
During the following decades, the Colonel established various companies across various realities, quickly developing a reputation for the variety of their establishments. Currently, the Colonel’s business chain is estimated to extend to 78% of all habitable realities. Notable establishments include -
For this undying ambition and spirit, Colonel will be remembered.

1: Such occurrences being rather common within the Library.
2: Also known for various other works centering around economics, societal structures, and the unexpected applications of seashells.
3: According to recent rumors, expansion into more abstract dimensions is being considered.

Picture 12

The leader/founder of a strange religion. Saw a strange prophecy or something.

Picture 14

A gimmick where everything is written backward.
backward written is everything where gimmick A.

Picture 16

An undead/imaginary/fictional spirit/person. A spirit of something wacky and unexpected.

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