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This is a prompt from the Wanderer's Station contest a while back, I wasn't entering for the contest but using it as practice.

Proximity to the Punch Bowl

A beverage derived from the protective pods of certain edible plants occasionally mixed with alcoholic drinks and is occupying the insides of a half spherical shell composed of a quartz material.

Scanning for possible location of target
Target found

"Perfect, now for the variables" Jenth activated the Deep Scan feature on his hologram projector.

A multitude of forms, varying from the common human to the occasional alien, blocks his way as he walked into the auditorium. The cyborg excuses himself in the crowd and went towards to an area near his target.

Processing possible variables for take-off and landing
Process complete: 10 Variables found

"Huh, never knew this will be complicated" he thought as he looked over at the list.

Jenth went over to another spot and was a bit annoyed that the conditions weren't right. He tried over and over again until he found the right one.

"Excellent, now to wait" he stood still and waited for the right time to strike.

Many people obstructed the way to his target, each one taking a scoop of it and leaving only for another one to come and take its place. He stared at the minimap projection for what seemed like hours until he found that moment where nobody was in front of the target.

"Activate boosters" Jenth crouched as the engines in his legs creaked and readied for take-off.
"3, 2, 1, Go"

Internal mechanisms springed forward, propelling the cyborg into the vast airspace. Onlookers watched him soar through the sky as he neared his target.

"Oh no!" a ladle floated in the air and a glass filled with the drink next to it. Someone is clearly in his targeted area and they aren't aware of what is going to happen.

Cybernetic arms flail in the air as he tries to stop his momentum. He succeeds only to see a message pop up on his eyes.

Proximity to target nearing zero


"And that's how I got this static" a soft staticky noise buzzes as a metal hand forms on the tip of a tentacle.

"Cool, what does it do?" big blue cubes adorned with plastic eyes look at the octopus hybrid.

It then focuses one of the metal cubes into the direction of the refreshments, a hand flying towards it. All of the eyes soon widen as they see a bright yellow figure crash directly into the punch bowl. Red liquid flies everywhere as the table and glass bowl splits in half, the other drinks join in the deluge splashing all around the site of impact. The cyborg is soon soaked down to his deepest servos, meanwhile, a human-shaped figure coated with the fruity beverage appeared in front of him.

Terounia Info

Terounia is one of the many realms of the Universe, this one being populated by humans. Formerly a magicless world, the Empire of Diathos, an advanced empire from another realm, opened a rift from their realm to the humans.
Excited to know their experiment was a success, they built another empire in a valley near the first kingdom of Man. Then they left, only leaving some of their workers behind, to continue experimenting in creating more portals to other realms. They came back eventually, with in tow of a slew of otherworldly artifacts and exotic creatures. The Diathiases soon noticed the curious natives poking around and looking at their creations. They took it to themselves to educate the humans as they did in other realms. Science, Math, and Magic were taught to the early Men. They soon learned how to replicate the technology the Diathiases made, albeit more primitive and suited to their own realm. Humans also entered the realm where the Empire came from but not many stayed for so long as they soon realized that they cannot survive outside of their own realm.

Not long after they taught Man their teachings, the Diathiases were called back to their home plane to fight against an eldritch being. This required all of them to be brought back to their realm to protect their home and the worlds they cared so much for. They left suddenly, leaving behind their artifacts and the various creatures they brought along in Terounia, the latter were trapped in cages safe enough to last for a very long time. The humans wondered why they left in such a hurry, they soon gathered the courage to enter the empty empire and know what happened.

What they found was a message left by their teachers, telling them that they left for a war and they will come back in the future. The message also held a warning to never tamper with the inactive portal and the creatures they captured or they will end up suffering the consequences.
So, the humans waited. They waited for months, years, centuries. Their technology started to catch up to their teachers. Over time, they grew bold and too advanced for their own good. Now, at the 4th Millennium since the Diathiases departed for the war, a team of scientists decided to try to see if they can get the portal working. Months of hard work and testing passed, until they finally got it working again. They entered through the gate but were shocked in what they saw.

A dark void greeted them, the world being just one blanket of black and the ground they are standing on was mostly gone save for the gate and the control panel beside it, which was smashed beyond function. They took a step forward and saw a yellow light glow in front of them, standing out against the dark horizon. A single yellow tablet sat on a lectern, standing on a block of metal. They read it and knew what happened to the Diwthos.

“To whoever reads this,
We failed, we failed to kill Hatheste, it destroyed everything we threw at it. But we did have one last weapon we had, our own portal network. It being the same reason why it came to our world. We used every last bit of our energy to overcharge the network to kill it but in the process, killed ourselves as well. I am slowly losing grasp over my life as I write this, but I give my last moments as a warning to anyone who finds this. Please, never go down the same path as we did, it will only end in destruction and despair as we did. And humans, we hope you won’t become us as we realized too late that you and we are going to repeat history again. We ourselves were like you before, naive and curious of the world around us, so we studied everything and anything we got our hands upon. We then knew of an Ancient Civilization where Hatheste came from, we did now know what were doing until we unleashed it from its cage. Our empire did everything to stop it but we only got so far to banish it to another realm. We knew it would come back so we created portals to serve as a barrier from it coming back. It wasn’t enough to last forever but we are now prepared to finally kill it. But at the cost of our great empire and connections we had to you and everyone.
We are sorry for leaving you behind, we deeply regret for teaching you our knowledge. But we ask you to never be us ever again.


Diathe, First and Last Emperor of the Empire of Diathios”

The scientists brought back what they found to their king. Now knowing that his subjects and kingdom are going to end up like their late masters, he outlawed all research on advancements about technology and magic. This sparked a rebellion in the kingdom, prompting a civil war involving the use of highly destructive weapons and reality altering magic. The final weapon that was used was a machine that was capable of splitting worlds and manipulating reality. The end result was the kingdom of man was erased into another world, never to be seen again, and a reversal of all of Humanity’s knowledge and memories back to the time when they were still alone in Terounia.

Time passed, the machine was never designed to work for an eternity, so some people’s memories of the time they were an advanced race like their forgotten teachers came back. They did not know what these meant but what do they know was that it has some connection to the ruins near them. So, a team of four people set out to find out what are these visions are for and the mystery do they hold.

Terounian Stories

A Choice (WIP)

A flash of white light blinded Scryb. Behind closed eyes, he sensed the flash is dimming and opened them. His expression was


A multiverse I made in the original purpose of creating crossovers but is now a sort of holder for the original stories' universes. It's named like that because it mainly focuses on the Chormesians/Chorous/Chori,

The everwanderers of the Choroverse. They comprise of a multitude of creatures ranging from humans to eldritch beings. One becomes a Chormesian when they encounter Chormeso, a god-like being who travels throughout the multiverse. Once they sleep, a phenomenon called "Radiant Dreams" can occur. It teleports them into another universe, forever doomed to never return from their home universe. The Chori are cursed to wander the Choroverse for eternity until one manages to control it in an unknown process.

They have a small and recent faction called the "Chori Hegemony of Reality/Chormesian Hegemony of Realos"(CHOR). A united group of Chormesians dedicated on helping the Guardians in defeating interuniversal monsters.

Radiant Skies (Placeholder Name)

A world

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