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[[tab Flicker of Doubt]]

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A Flicker of Doubt
Within those unwilling
Living within
The corner of your eye.

A Shadow of Past
Reflections to haunt
Reminding you of
What you left behind.

A forest grows
Out of things you unfold
What you don't want to hear
And all you deny.

A dimension is born
Of the things you cast out
The things you toss aside.
The dimension of your mind.

A nasty thing begins
Brewing within
Lest you die soon
You are trapped in this place.

A lost world of yours
You keep all to yourself
Trapped in chaos of life
The woes of human race.

A shadow will haunt you
A Shadow of Past
Reminding you of all
Your mistakes on Earth.

A Flicker of Doubt
Grows into a flame
The only way to live
Is to sit by the hearth.

You are unarmed.
It is time to go on.
Forge a sword of the metals
Of willpower alone.

Use the fire to your will,
The flame to your like,
From the River of Hopes
Take a well-sharpened stone.

Fight off the shadow.
Use your Will and your Hope.
If you succeed, that is,
Make the most of this plane.

Because, if you fail,
You won't see light again.

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