Agent Logan's Sandbox

Operation Hammer Down (before you read look at bottom and read the operatives names)

June 10th, 2003

It was a nice winter day except that Lt Uchima was stuck in a blackhawk full of other operatives ready to retrieve a sacred objects from the foundation. The plan was they were going to land near a hidden vent which then will lead to the light containment zone. after they enter the vent they will retrieve the objects and leave through the same vent where another operative will be waiting for them for pick up. The commander said if all else fails try to slip through and our under cover agents will help you evade security. Aki was worried, he did not want to be stuck in a huge under ground facility with almost everybody against him. About an hour or so later they landed near the vent and all 6 operatives jumped out. The names operatives were replaced as numbers but they still called themselves by there names. When they finally cut open the reinforced vent Brain set up the cable everybody except Will flew into the vent when they reached the bottom Aki suddenly stopped hitting his head on the side of the vent. Everybody was laughing except him then when they heard footsteps they all stopped and all you could hear was footsteps and chatting from below them, they all looked at each other. Ten minutes passed for the people to leave and to cut the vent. They all jumped down and put the vent in its spot so nobody would notice. They rushed through the hallways waiting to see a sign with the words SCP 268 Object class: Euclid and as soon as they found Aki knew there was going to be trouble. When they found the Sign they were looking for there were two armed guards by the door luckily, they had no body cams or they would be forced to find another way in. Micheal told John and Dylan to shoot them with a silenced AN_44 they took the shots but froze
they did not expect the two shots to echo. There was suddenly a announcement on the loud speaker that mobile task force (MTF) was going to sweep the area. They started running to a storage closet when they got in they noticed there was a door on the other side then Aki noticed a document he read it and told everybody this is a endless loop of rooms. Everybody did not believe him so he walked out opened the door and it showed the same exact hallway they all were surprised that Aki was right. A few minutes later another announcement went on the loud speaker that the subject was found and terminated they thought it was probably a person who they thought did it. They exited and started making there way back to the room where they shot the guards, when they got there there was nobody there Dylan unloaded the drill from his bag and handed it to Brain then he started drilling. Five minutes passed for the drill to drill through but as soon as the drill finished everybody rushed in only to find a scientist with a pistol was pointing it at
Micheal then Aki was forced to shoot him on the spot then Dylan walked after putting the drill away and grabbed the keycard and inserted it into the door the door opened and Aki grabbed the hat and put it into a bag and closed it. As they were walking causally down the hallway the opened to door where the vent was as they were climbing up the vent the heard gunshots when they reached the top they saw Will behind a rock with multiple MTF units trying to gun him down. They contacted the library telling them they need a evac as soon as they put the radio away Will was on the ground bleeding out John ran up and started unloading everything he had while Brian was applying first aid to Will. After about forty minutes of shooting the blackhawk finally arrived with a heavy machine gun. The gun was able to buy the squad enough time to get in the helicopter and leave the area. As they were flying the sun was setting and Will took his finale breath, the whole squad was gloomy on the ride back Aki was probably the one affected the most because they were friends. When the helicopter landed there was a head member there waiting for them when Aki gave the strange man the hat he thanked Aki and said he was sorry about will and how he will get a proper burial.

July 2nd, 2003 10:36

Aki and a group of 10 other members were sitting listening to the priest and when it came time for finale respects Aki walked up and set a picture of Will's family on the coffin. Aki was about to cry, but he didn't he was in charge of laying the flag on his friends coffin. He gently set the flag on the coffin
as it was being lowered down the flag, had the emblem of the serpents hand. After the funeral Micheal walked up and told him he can have Will's personal pistol the gun was green and had the serpents emblem on the handle. A few hours later the squad was given orders to go on a infiltration mission to sabotage a Global Occult Coalition's retrieval of a sacred object.

*1 Micheal the leader
*2 John the weapon specialist
*3 Will the vent guard
*4 Dylan equipment carrier
*5 Brian equipment specialist
*6 Aki the retriever

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