Poison Yourself - The Begginers' Kit

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Cousin Ian's lack of existence

Interrogator's Note

Been two weeks since the 49B bus was suspended because of that incident, and no trace of Ian. Still on the lookout for him, but don't expect anything.

Cousin Pat - Rumor Story

Collaboration with Avelon and Roget

go check it out in the Rogetbox


Guide for the aspiring star hunters [maybe]

I'm someone who's been accustomed to the Main Hall's vaulted ceilings inlaid in gold with their velvety greens depicting Chief Archivists1 and the NexuLibrary's history. Used to Handyman's Moss thriving among shelves, handing out books and being a general nuisance while trying to slip unobserved by the Pages amongst the shelves. Familiar with the Wallwalkers, ones who are not careful enough and almost stomping on me while I was trying to find a book with quality ink.2

Of course, when I first saw stars, I did not know what they were.3 And it certainly did not help that so many of the worlds I slipped in had their own skies, their own patterns and cycles.

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