An Engineer

You rub your eyes.

You can't sleep. The storm outside has been raging for three hours now.

You look at your clock, the moonlight reflecting off it.

It's almost midnight. You know he will be awake still.

Making a decision, you start to move out of bed, when a bolt of lightning arcs across the sky, ringing with a deafening boom. You feel a scream build in your throat, but you cover your mouth with your hand quickly enough. The centuries-old boards creak with every step you take, almost as they are protesting you being out of bed.

You move into the candlelit hall. It's eccentrically furnished, and the paintings don't help ease your feeling of dread as you move down the hall. You almost get lost- you only arrived today, and most of the day was spent unpacking your belongings and hoping.

Hoping your mother would reverse her decision, take you back from your Uncle, who lives in this place. But, she had made it, and could only offer a kiss goodbye in condolence.

So much for motherly love.

Suddenly, your there. Right at the entrance to the main sitting room- your Uncle's favorite place.

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