You have been descending for 12 minutes now.
The built-in-computer says that your oxygen is at 95%.
Doing the math, that means you have 4 hours and 48 minutes left to retrieve your friend's body.
On the surface, it is a delightfully sunny day.
But because you are so deep, looking up, you only see pitch black.
It is nearly pitch black all around you.
The limited things you can see are some dust that have been colored green by your shoulder light.
Even in your specially designed deep-diving suit, you shivered from the cold of the ocean around you.

February 84th, 452, Ante Eros.

Journal Log 1678, by Dr. Yolik

Our submersible is now at the surface of the Berilian Sea. Damnit, I knew I should've told Nell to let me fix Engine 16
Nell was supposed to watch the defenses, and when Engine 16 broke, he decided to try and fix it himself, like the idiot he is.
After being away from the defenses for 3 hours trying to fix Engine 16 like a baby trying to solve a Rubik's cube, we were
attacked. Oh yeah, and if that weren't enough, the sub is sinking. In the damn Berilian Sea, of all places. As far as I know,
Compartment 4 and Compartment 5 have been flooded, so half of our oxygen, our communications, and probably 20% of our > crew is gone. As of now, I am stuck in Compartment 6 with Davidov and Corvitch.

This is Dr. Yolik, signing out for probably the last time.

If my last words are in this log, then here they are: Second Class Marinaut Nell Kornei, I hope you go to the very bottom of hell. > And if you don't go to the very bottom of hell, the bottom of the Berilian Sea isn't too far off.

"The bottom of the Berilian Sea isn't too far off."

February 84th, 452, Ante Eros

Journal Log 1676, by Second Class Marinaut Nell Kornei

Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck.

I am currently in Compartment 2 right now,
I have caused every soul on this submersible to fucking die. I am a piece of shit. Holy fucking shit.
I knew I should have let Yolik or even Feodorich fix Engine 16.
I should've known that this shit was nothing like the training. Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

You realize that Nell's ranting continues on for quite a long time.
Hastily, you glaze through them, until something catches your eye.

Oh fuck.
I heard a thud.
That fucking means we've actually hit the surface.
Oh shit shit shit shit, it's actually going to start happening now.
Feodorich was so fucking lucky that he died by drowning in Compartment 4.
Everyone still alive else will also be lucky if they commit suicide or some shit like that right now.
You know what, that's why I'm holding a fucking revolver in my other hand right now.
In thirty seconds, the hand I'm using to type this log will never be able to type again.
Hell, it will never be able to do anything ever again.
They say that the bottom of the Berilian Sea is not really the bottom.
Whatever that means, I'm fucked.

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