Anomalous Empires
  • AGNITA Federation

Founding: 20XX AD
Territory: Major swaths of Milky Way’s Orion Arm, outposts in other arms and twin Magellan clouds, 14 constructed dimensions
Technology: Electronic-mechanical with hybrid Anomalous engineering; sourcing energy from stars, quantum vacuum, and (Anomaly tech redacted). Other fields include Hyper travel, star-scale construction, subatomic engineering, Anomalous terraforming, and networked interspecies communication. Devices combine high-end mundane tech with tailored Anomalous traits.
Primary Species: Humans and Anomalous Sapients, some AI and Xenos
Society: Egalitarian multispecies democracy with major science directives.
Meticulously study everything with tailored response protocols to possible threats, striving to coexist with other beings and invent new tech while surviving what the universe has to offer. Scientific discoveries are freely open on a Cloud site for people to view and contribute.

  • Abuq Custodic

Founding: 82 million BC
Territory: 19 galaxies, large enclave-sectors in 8264 other galaxies including Milky Way
Technology: Mechanical-electronic, purely mundane. Sourcing energy from stars, quantum vacuum, and Hyper. Fields include spatial engineering, star-scale construction, dimension construction, neutronium metallurgy, and quantum weaponry. Quantum field pulse can stun unshielded Anomalous lifeforms and devices.
Primary Species: Paladin, giant mechanicals that can live indefinitely. Paladins reproduce by (Redacted), but this is very rare and requires authorization from the Head Mind. 94752 known vassal races including a few humans heed Custodic teachings and carry out their will.
Society: Oligarchic contingency; consider all Anomaly a threat to destroy or at least confine. Hostile to Anomalous life. Abhor Anomaly tech and seek to discourage other civs from making it.

  • Haem-Shiza Deluge

Founding: 913 million BC?
Territory: Extragalactic, possibly extradimensional; top estimates 72000 consumed galaxies
Technology: Synonymous with race, cyberorganic with possible Anomalous traits. Sourcing energy likely from prey sectors and/or unknown central home source. Observed areas include Anomalous evolution, weaponized biology, psychic signaling, and astronomic consumption.
Species: Gestalt-intelligent organism that acts as a mutagenic psychic plague, “Deluge Drone” units of varying size and function, and negative-space region of hostile Anomalous properties.
Society: Hierarchic Hive Mind; goal unknown.
Aggressive; attacks others with little or no meaningful communication. If successful it will kill and/or corrupt all lifeforms and consume the area, further feeding its growth.
Psychic signals over light years drive the weak and desperate to worship the Deluge as a God. Deluge Cultists seek to sow hatred and mistrust across their societies to part way for their Reckoning to come. Some cultists choose to infect themselves with the Deluge, gaining mutant powers and calling the main Deluge ever closer.

  • Vuhquioz Unshatter

Founding: 790000 BC
Territory: mobile research enclaves in 936 galaxies and 2638 dimensions; nomadic fleets
Technology: Quantum-crystalline; Anomalous engineering present but very tightly regulated. Sourcing energy from quantum vacuum and Hyper. Areas include Hyper engineering, exotic matter synthesis, dimensional travel, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and quantum cybernetics. Shard-linked devices can call the Shattered One’s mind and power to their aid.
Species: Mundane, Anomalous, and hybrid Sapients, 68521564 registered species; virtually all are voluntary cyborgs.
Society: Direct consensus-democracy; seek to reunite the “Shattered One”, gaining new knowledge and power with each Shard they gain. Gaining all Shards and fully healing the Shattered One will allegedly start a Singularity, a runway intelligence growth that will (Redacted).

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