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Hello, reader person. I am "Anonymous Artificer", also know as "Scalapher" on Discord. this is my sandbox page thingy. I'm still figuring out this whole wikidot business, so I apologize for any terrible structuring, etc. If you have any tips or advice, you can find me in the Wanderer's Library "Reading Room" discord server with my wikidot name in parenthesis in my nickname, or I guess do it here, but as I said, I'm still currently in the process of figuring it out. I'm unsure how to deal with tabs that I've been told exist, for now, so I think what I'll try and do is a sort of table of contents structure with in-page links to all of works in progress and review here.

1. In The Old Garden

(An old piece of mine from a long time ago, figured I'd put it here to have something to start with)

Lighting strikes at night

But perhaps, All are.


Or was it at all?

Where are we in all above?

Not in the sky, not in the rocks;
gold in the stars, water in the ice.

Sparks in the sky, remote, so powerful, you can sense their radiating energy from so far beyond.

Where sacred things may reside

Will be
Might be

Things have been

Lost or found perhaps both?
All in good time.

In any more than a one dimensional space, perspective is the king of the place.

Cryptic codes are meant to connect.

That’s by design, in an effect.

A glass reforged

When time stops and things fall still, rest will be had, in order to instill, renewal, return, a butterfly effect.

A difference of energy, an exchange of particles; a chemical reaction. Bonds breaking. Molecules shaking.

Only partially present, energy conserved, changed, limited in supply, yet abundant everywhere.

A glass melted

Life, acting forces of energy…
Pondering contemplation, distant illumination.
Rules must be followed, we are never truly free, there is a responsibility.

A literal embodiment of the great reaction that is our universe
What is the purpose of this place?

In the old garden
An ancient place newly born, of all things known
The littlest things are the very definition

A glass shattered
The pieces are the code
New arrangements, in the making
Combinations and patterns hold any result
Core components, base building blocks
Power in possibility
The mundane and miraculous, we take for granted
Natural formations, machines self developing
Generated by cause and effect
The residents, from where do they come?
The greatest revelations are the ones least reliable, yet also the most undeniable.
Exceptions, loopholes, the overlooked, hidden by the veil of perspective.
One rule never always holds true, they are often overridden and overruled.
It both blinds and also reveals, that which others find to be concealed.
By the others, of course, they want their way, and one day, there will be a day.
Inevitable to exist in the infinity of time.
After all what isn’t?
We all hold a piece of a puzzle that is the key, a different way that we can see. It is a hint and a clue, you have one inside of you.
A star becoming a supernova
Puppets perhaps, but who then, is the holder of strings?
All things are strings, strung, linked and tied
Battles will come, but still have some fun, it is nowhere near as gloom as it may seem. Don’t look so glum, no one is dumb, it is all a matter of relativity.
The opposite of entropy, but the harbingers of the future’s past, only they know how long this will last. Little do they know, what will come to pass. It’s all a matter of relativity. All in good time.

Notice anything missing?
In the old garden, that’s by design.

2. Story of A World

When the power of a technology becomes revealed, there will always be those waiting and ready to abuse its power to their own nefarious ends.
For that which can be wielded by any and all will first be sought by those seeking of power.

We live in a world of mad warlocks atop spires and towers
With minions they have bent to their will. For they will always find a way to manipulate so, whether it be economical games and abstractions, or the nuances of a convoluted governing body.
The greatest spells are kept in pointed capsules, waiting dormant but ready to unleash the power, energy, and strength of the sun, a great burst strong enough to end nearly all.
They sit at the command of tyrants, kings, and those who have learned to speak the tongue of serpents, with silvered words, projecting twisting confusions.

We live in a age of unbridled change, the culmination and meeting point of a great many previously disparate things, as the world becomes the most connected it has ever been, sewn together by a great network of wires and waves

Many questions will be asked, chaos will shape
It is inevitable now
As we reach yet another singularity

But fear not
For though flames and evil run amok, a new world will one day rise from the ashes
The next world that was meant to be
Onward into a future, a crazier future, a perhaps louder future, but hopefully a better one
Balance will prevail in its own ongoing way
The eternal desire for things to even out, for energy to become dispersed, for entropy to reign supreme
And the dance will continue again, forever and always

We live in one of our stories
Here, now, and today
Where a flying machine can take one around the world in a day
Where machines can begin to think rudimentary thoughts emerging from the standard noise
Or seem to think
For at what point does an illusion, a simple magic trick, become closer to the real thing?
The mechanical turk may have been a fraud, but millions of machines simultaneously play chess far greater than any human today

It is hard to hear, there may be noise now
But one day that noise will resolve into a clearer tune
It is narrativium, and whatever the ending, this world was one of the greatest stories I was ever told.

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