Aoife's Laboratory
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Ariana's Records of the Age Of The Crystal Moon

Accessing: Three ways have so far been documented. The First being in London, UK. It can be found on the top floor of the Shard Tower, and is opened by clicking ones fingers three times while holding a piece of fabric from a wedding dress. One can be found on the North side of the Library section C statue eight. And the third is located in a small Marble house to the north of Lyrianas in the Realms Of The Fourth Wolf. Accessed by wearing hooded robes made from the pages of religious texts.

Day one: Initial observations
The Way connecting to the Library lead me to into a valley between two mountains. The trees are way larger than I was expecting. Massive pale blue trunks glowing like stars with pure white leaves. It's cold here to. There always seems to be a fairly light snowfall. The terrain is also covered in crystal growths that are radiating magical energy. The moon seems to be playing a large role in this process as well. It's position in the sky is static and the crystals only appear in places illuminated by it.

Day Two: A Town In The Frost
There's a Town in the valley a few hours away from the Way I exited from. I managed to gather the materials together for a Enchantment Of Speech Comprehension. Most of the residents here posses a moderate magical ability as well. I assume this and their appearance is due to exposure to the moon and crystal growths. They are all very pale with Icy blue eyes and white hair. I told them I was a traveler from far away and asked them for more information about their land. They explained to me that this is actually their worlds equator. Perhaps it's tidally locked in some way? There's also a much larger City called The Citadel Of Dragons. This might be worth visiting.

Day Four: A Long Cold Road
I set out from the Town after purchasing a map and supplies from the locals. All goes to plan I should be able to see this city by tomorrow! The animals here are really special. Most of them glow in some way and similar to the people, have some inherent Magical Potential. I managed to spot an enormous white bear with glowing blue horns. It went into the bushes and seemed to conceal itself with magic from it's horns. I stayed and kept an eye on it with my scrying crystal. It jumped out to grab an Elk(This one was also white with blue glowing horns, but had light green swirling symbols all over it's pelt) that walked past and dragged it's body in the forest. With a newfound caution for the predators here I've kept going till I found a good place to rest. It's a small alcove just above the road. I shall contine my journey as soon as possible

Day Six: A City Of Crystal
I can finally see it! I confess my hopes where high but I had not expected something as vast as this. The city looks more like a castle from here. It's pillars are a mostly white mixed with blue indentations. Some are tall enough to reach above the clouds. The towers also have bridges crossing between them. I can almost make out crowds of people moving across them. The sky above the city is full of dragons to. Some large enough to see without a telescope.

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