Good lord I can't believe nobody made this pun yet, with all the talk of serpents in the library… come on.

Bookwyrm Reading Club Weekly Meeting Minutes (2/4/18)

Location: 8th Easternmost Wing, North Side
Earth-Time (Portland): 8:00pm

  • Ushu the Greate (Co-president)
  • Mu-ma the Exalted (Co-president)
  • Bashy the Venomous (Co-president)
  • Lotsie the Coiled (Co-president)
  • Drukky the Thunderous (Co-president)
  • Wani the Croc-master (Co-president)
  • Uthie the Chief (Co-president)
  • Emma the Volcanic (Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Recorder)
    • Eight years old
    • Father is a full dragon, mother had traces of dragon blood (Mu-ma's line)


Finish discussion of [crosslink]

Points of Discussion:

  • Mu-ma gets irritated in the excessive humanoid depictions of characters in modern texts
  • Uthie states that it isn't that modern
  • Mu-ma on the persistence of demigods- every mortal with a spark of magic calling themselves a demigod nowadays

"Ripple and tide; nay, calm yourselves. This meeting is in attendance." -Ushu (4/8)

"All rise." -Mu-ma(2)

"You okay? Can we finish this?" -Bashy (3/5/8/13)

"So we've seen. Still, can such a speech be trusted?" -Lotsie (S's)

"Obviously. And actually, each one of us is irritated." -Drukky (Vowels)

"Until I've read halfway through a book, I don't consider myself hooked." -Wani (Rhymes)

"Arbitrarily, the book is literally well." -Uthie (Uses words wrong)

Emma the Volcanic cleared her throat. The dutiful records keeper read off last meeting's minutes. She paused at key points, waiting for the inevitable arguments.

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