if You wish to walk
the Cave of Gaia you must
respect this holy land

those who anger
The Shattered Deity will
atone for their sins

the Shaper of life
Worked to save humanity
now we will kill It

Heretics who still
worship and pray to False Gods
must repent to Gaia

those who defile the
Earth and Lands must repent or
change their Wicked Ways

They tried to settle
on Gaia's most sacred of land
Fires did not stop them

the Humans used to
worship it but now they will
be their God's killers

When your God Sends Hope
please do not lock it up
and call it insane

some try to save Their former Savior but in
@@ the end It will fail

Sand and Dirt is swirling all around Me
ripping at My Skin
I feel but a tickle as I am blinded by My
a Shape emerges before Me - a Friend
or is it a Loved One?
I watch as It approaches
My Joy turns to Dread
the Tears that run down My Face are stripped away
by the Storm
why have I failed You?

SouthEastern 13N, dedicated to The Shattered Deity - Gaia

In Honor of Gaia. Not all have forgotten you.1
The Statue and much of the information the Wanderer's Library has on Gaia is a result of the findings of MTF Commander Arbiter and the MTF Nu-13. This shelf is in honor of Gaia. Very little is known about this Deity except that is was shattered long ago to protect humanity. Although nowadays the development of humanity is slowly killing it, causing a sense of resentment to form inside its shards.


There Once Was A Broken God Who Used To Love All Of The Earth
But Now It Is Full Of Hate For We Have Now Turned Against It
It Broke To Save All Of Mankind But Now We Only Show It Hate

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