Arrabella Poppes, poems and stories box

I sit on the edge of time
watching the world
spin and spin on by
the darkness falls
and the chaos rises
as I lose myself
to the abyss
I call my own

Loss is abundant in most peoples lives but why is it that sometimes loss is greater for some then for others
it is oft that I look at my past and I think of who I am and why I am here. Never seeming to find that answer I
proceed to question why I lost so much, why i feel like I do not have a purpose and a place I belong
constantly wondering why I feel like my world is always on the brink of destruction
full of strife and pain the road I travel always feels dark and lonely
when I get happy everything seems out to get me and the happiness is lost to me once again

Nothing makes sense anymore, not even who I am or who you are it seems like everything I do is undone and everything I see is pointless and not actually there life never seemed more fake to me.

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