Asuthi the Lucky Fisherman

Shelf Northeast 53V, dedicated to Asuthi, the Lucky Fisherman

During the birth of the library, a strong superstition formed as it grew its shelves. In its struggle to acquire, the librarians turned towards Asuthi. Known for his incredible luck, Asuthi arrived into the library's care in 48.

While Asuthi was lucky in life, he met his unfortunate end by glancing into the orpher of the Grorpaluk during his walk home from fishing. This was the most fortunate outcome however, as he never witnessed its wekulit in the process. It is said that the fish leaped into his hand as he was turned into a statue, and has naturally been with him since. Asuthi lived as a humble fisherman, contributing to other's wellbeing constantly and assisting those in need as soon as he saw their need. He was well revered in his village because of these qualities, and it is said that his luck stemmed from his selfless actions. Upon death, the village refused to keep his statue, believing the body of a good person should be a gift to others. Hence, he was donated to the library's shelves, in hopes of bringing his fortune with him.

For your life well lived and hardy luck, Asuthi, we remember you.
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