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Basic concept: Whenever SCP-5000 is talked about, its anomalous properties will activate. For anyone who is unaware of SCP-5000, they will be unable to understand those who are talking about it. IDEA: SCP-5000 does something to related personnel, that's why the Foundation needs relevant staff to know about it; however, they cannot expose agents to information directly or else staff will not be able to properly handle SCP-5000.

Item#: 5000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: The retrieved vials containing samples of SCP-5000 are to be kept in a Refrigerated Biological Containment unit. They may not be used to create further strands of SCP-5000, and are not to be used for any testing or research purposes until further information is gathered on current SCP-5000-1 instances and permission is given by Director Jasper G. Arthur.

SCP-5000-1-██ is to be kept in a Type-M Standard Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell located in Site-48 on Sublevel 3. Other SCP-5000-1 instances should each be kept in similar individual cells lining the same hallway (capacity of 60 instances). There are currently [32] SCP-5000-1 instances in containment.

Due to its anomalous properties, SCP-5000-1 instances cannot be explicitly described by any personnel or document as describing it activates its anomalous properties. Documents and informative presentations describing SCP-5000-1 instances may only use broad categorical terms (such as those used for organizing containment) and must redirect those wishing to find more information to this file. Only a select amount of Foundation personnel are to be aware of SCP-5000-1 instances' true appearances1. All rumors regarding SCP-5000-1 instances within the general public or Foundation staff are to be disseminated immediately and reported to Director Jasper G. Arthur. If any unauthorized personnel overhear SCP-5000-1 in discussion, or otherwise obtain information in a secondhand manner, they are to be given Class-C (Targeted Retrograde) amnestics in order to conceal the effects of SCP-5000 and SCP-5000-1 instances. While SCP-5000-1-██ is under containment, Protocol 245-Narro is to be followed (every…?), which is described below.

Description: SCP-5000 refers to an anomalous viral pathogen that is designed to specifically target humans. It is superficially similar in appearance to Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever3, but exhibits no other similarities in terms of function or inner structure. Human victims become infected with SCP-5000 through either digestion or injection of fluids containing SCP-5000 into the bloodstream. Other animals may contract a form of SCP-5000, but in such cases, no anomalous qualities or adverse effects have been observed. In cases where the hosts of SCP-5000 are ticks or rodents, SCP-5000 is able to spread to human victims through contact with such hosts. Presumably as a result of artificial engineering of the virus, SCP-5000 cannot survive in a stable state outside of a host or lab conditions. The processes that occur because of SCP-5000 that are detailed here will specifically refer to the object's interaction with human beings.

When SCP-5000 enters a suitable target's4 bloodstream, it searches for the nearest free-floating blood cell and inserts a copy of its genetic code into the cytoplasm of the cell after penetrating the cell's external barriers, a process typical to viruses. It then waits within the cell as it flows naturally through the bloodstream towards the organ with the highest level of sentience, as measured by [insert measurement?], usually the brain in human victims. This dormant stage lasts no more than a day, or when the infected cell reaches the brain in humans. In other animals, this dormant stage has been observed to last indefinitely.

Once the infected cell makes contact with the brain in humans, the second phase of SCP-5000 infection is initiated. In this phase, SCP-5000 initiates self-destruction of the original host cell and penetrates cells in the brain. The now-infected brain cells exhibit an abnormal degree of coordination and, by using the brain's communicative functions within the human body, directs more nutrients and resources to the brain, eventually culminating in the construction of an entirely new anomalous gland, which rests near the hypothalamus. Further cellular coordination is shown in creating space for such a gland, and the entirety of the construction process takes anywhere from one (1) to two (2) weeks after initiation of the second phase. This gland is currently referred to as the Narro Gland, and is determined to be responsible for all of the anomalous properties exhibited. Although the exact workings of how the genetic coding of SCP-5000 results in such a process is not clearly understood as of now, research is ongoing, and proposals utilizing live subjects are pending (See Addendum 5000.3).

SCP-5000-1 refers to humanoid entities that have been injected with SCP-5000. Further information on specific SCP-5000-1 instances is expunged in the best interests of containment. Please refer to the rest of the document for further information, or contact Site Director Jasper G. Arthur.

The Narro Gland is the main result of an infection of SCP-5000. SCP-5000-1 instances, after possessing the gland, experience no other effects of SCP-5000; furthermore, during the process of infection, as the gland is under biological construction, subjects only report heightened hunger and minor headaches. All effects described below are a result of the Narro Gland itself. Firstly, approximately two (2) minutes after the gland is fully constructed, subjects report a sharp, distinct pain apparently coming from the head region for around ten (10) seconds. This is accompanied by twenty (20) seconds of near-blindness, where subjects can only observe lights and shadows. During these twenty (20) seconds, the Narro Gland has been observed to have high levels of neurotransmittance during this phase,

Discovery: Insert GRU-P connection here.

Please refer to Addendum 5000.1 for documents related to the development of SCP-5000 by Division "P" of the former GRU.

Please refer to Addendum 5000.2 for audio logs pertaining to the discovery, retrieval, and containment of SCP-5000 and SCP-5000-1 instances.

Please refer to Addendum 5000.3 for research logs of notable tests involving SCP-5000, or SCP-5000-1.

Addendum 5000.1: Relevant Outside Documentation

Addendum 5000.2: Recovery and Investigation Logs
MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots")/TF Alpha-27 ("Lorekeepers")* were tasked with finding the anomaly.

Addendum 5000.3: Research Testing Logs

Note: This better have worked, making agents read the entirety of the file like this. I swear, I'm not going to edit logs and SCP files like that ever again. — Director Arthur


This better have worked, making agents read the entirety of the file like this. I swear, I'm not going to edit logs and SCP files like that ever again.

— Director Arthur, Site-48

DISSIMULO can mean:
"to ignore, leave unnoticed."
"to conceal, disguise, keep secret."

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