Axolotl Nest

A xolotls are the best
X ilasCrowe thinks so therefore it is true
O thers have not denied it
L ook at how cute they are
O nly the cutest animals in the world
T oo few people admire them, this must change
L et us all worship them/me forever

Hooray It's time to do some LIBRARY shit
I can basically write WHATEVER here and they'll take it
so long as it's good, I guess

PirateCon Plunderins

If it ends up happening it'll end up happening in here

Prompt: The ship sailed to the edge of the world, and found corpses.

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Everyone knows the world is round. We've flown planes all the way around it, charted ship paths from one port all the way back without ever changing direction. For hundreds of years it's been known, the world is round.

So how then, do you find the edge of the world.

The people of Ancient Greece often said that the sky was held aloft by a giant. A Titan named Atlas. They were wrong, of course. There was no giant holding up the sky. But they believed there was, and therefore the sky never fell. The Aztecs taught that the world was a monster, a hideous beast that wished to consume everything. They thought that they could keep it at bay with blood. Perhaps sustain its sleep, or maybe keep it just fed enough that it could hold back its hunger? As you might suspect, they were again very wrong. The world is not a starving demon that can be held at bay by blood. But they believed it could be, and thus they were not imbibed. Belief makes the world go 'round.

So how then, do you find the edge of the world? It's simple really, you just believe that it exists.

There's a bit more to it then just that, of course. You still have to get there. So you set sail. North, South, East, West, doesn't matter, you'll get there in the end any way you choose to go. Make sure you pack well, you're in for a long journey. You can't go back, after all. Going back would be admitting you failed. You'll never be able to find it again, you won't be able to convince yourself it exists now.

So what do you do from here? Just sail. Sail around the land, closely at first. Make sure you can still see it. Sail around all of it, every port, every city, every country, every continent. If you know you've been everywhere, it'll be easier to convince yourself the nowhere you're headed towards exists. Everywhere is behind you now, keep moving away from it.

Get rid of all your maps as well, those will only hold you back. Maps are lies told by the reality you must reject. Rip them up, shred them, throw them on the floor. Now stare at them. They're still accurate. Those tears on the maps? That's where the edge of the world is. Stare at them. You need to know where you're going.

Sail outward now, away from land. Don't choose a direction, just go. Keep sailing, it'll take a while to get there. Make sure you can see the stars, the stars are important. Make sure you can see all of them. You're approaching the edge now, so you can see every single star. There's nothing beneath the world you know, so all the stars must be above it. If you can't see the stars, turn around, you've gone too far. You're getting close.

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