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Anomaly One study log

Study log: Day 1
Anomaly One is a disused residential school designed for the purpose of converting people to Christianity. My experiments have reveled that Anomaly One can regrow parts of it that are damaged.

Study log: Day 2
I have discovered that the entrances to Anomaly One lead to a "pocket dimension" instead of the interior of Anomaly One. Examination of this effect is still underway.

Study log: Day 9
I have determined that Anomaly One is haunted by a ghost, which previously died while attending Anomaly One.

Study log: Day 17
The ghost in Anomaly One has taken an interest in me, they claim to have been a witch named Samantha Hart.

Study log: Day 20
Samantha demonstrated that they still have the ability to use their magical powers/spells, despite the fact that they are a ghost.

Study log: Day 29
Samantha has proven to be very intelligent, and has partaken in conversations about Anomaly One's properties in a scientific manner.

Study log: Day 30
I will travel to Anomaly One on a weekly basis, because I believe that Samantha could use the company. And, so could I…

Study log: Day 37
Thanks to help from Samantha I had a breakthrough about the creation of a "pocket dimension".

Study log: Day 46
I have finished the creation of a device that allows me to access my own personal "pocket dimension".

Study log: Day 47
Finding a method of allowing Samantha to leave Anomaly One has became my new objective. Recent conversations with Samantha have revealed that Anomaly One, served as a means of holding people whose existence threatened the power of the church.

Study log: Day 55
Finding information about ghosts on the internet is surprisingly easy. However finding the information I need is not.

Study log: Day 67
I have learned that because I can see Samantha during the day, I was anchoring her to this world in some way. Some sources said that it was the emotional bond that I formed with her, while other sources say that she is trying to steal my soul.

Study log: Day 70
I have set up a meeting to get the materials I need to free Samantha from Anomaly One. Through private messages on a paranormal message board.

Console-OUT -me
wizward -identity unknown

wizward: there is a way u can tak her from the place

Console-OUT: How?

wizward: u said that she was witch

Console-OUT: Yes.

wizward: if u make pact with her, she will move with u

Console-Out: What kind of pact?

wizward: a pact that maks her ur familiar

Console-OUT: So a magic pact?

wizward: Thaumatology is proper term

Console-OUT: … How do I do this Thaumatological pact?

wizward: we meet in person. it no safe talk here.

Study log: Day 77
I met with wizward and he gave me the materials required. He then gave me instructions on how to use them and said, "this should be child's play compared to creating pocket dimensions". how does he know about the pocket dimension I created.

Tomorrow I will go to Samantha and tell her about my plan.
I hope that she is willing to do this… I can only imagine how alone she has been.

Study log: Day 78
Samantha has agreed to my plan, and is now my familiar. After the ritual was competed I could see her much more clearly. She appeared to be a woman in her mid-twenties, with long black hair, smooth skin, and a pale complexion. When I was returning home from Anomaly One today, I could've sworn that someone was following me home. Maybe they are from the CIA and are going to dispose of me for knowing to much, but that seems unlikely.

Study Log: Day 83
Samantha has been seeing a lot of people that are out of place recently. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the CIA was after me. She has also recently informed me of a place that we need to go. She hasn't lied to me yet so I am going to take her word on it.

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