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IAR -noun


Independent Anomalous Researcher(s), or IAR(s), is an individual who studies anomalies either on their own or in a small group. An IAR loses this title if they join any major Anomalous Organization, most IAR's end up taking this path. An individual than leaves a major Anomalous Organization, and researches anomalies on their own is also considered an IAR, however this is a very rare occurrence.

Because of their independent status IAR's do not follow conventions set up by any Anomalous Organizations in their documentation or research methods.

IAR's tend to have lower budgets than researchers in major Anomalous Organizations, however this doesn't limit their ability to research and learn about anomalies. Most IAR's that don't join any major Anomalous Organization tend to only research one anomaly.

-Below this is an example of an IAR


Name: Lilian Cout
Age: 21
Employment: student
Lilian was researching an anomaly that could access extra-dimensional space and repair damage to that space. The anomaly took the shape of an abandoned building, and was also home to a spectral entity with reality bending abilities.

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