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Café La Bête

Open 7am - 9pm or equivalent times | Rated ✦✦✦✦✦✧ Stars | Est 1767

Welcome to Café La Bête! Founded in 1767 after the "Beast of Gévaudan" (Génny to her friends) retired from the French countryside to set up a coffeehouse within the Wanderers' Library. Contrary to popular belief, Génny did not spend her time eating peasants. She worked at a charity shop and sold cookies on Sunday to raise money for the poor. Following two years of being hunted by King Louis XV's men for a crime she didn't commit,1 Génny finally decided to leave and follow her dream; run a café.

Les directions

Café La Bête is situated east and two lefts of the northish-southern edge of Aisle 6722-AΣ. If you get lost—don't worry! Look for the spiral staircase leading up to floor 7 and go right and slightly up from there.

Que nos Offrons (What we offer)

Coffee. We offer coffee.

À propos le notre coffee (About our coffee)

It's coffee.

So why not come by? Have a coffee and say hi!
"I like the coffee here." ~~ Professor Volek

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