Bee's Box

Above the world of Telomiir, the battle barge Rite's Intent sat silent and dark, undetected by any of the planet's sparsely populated Xenos fortifications and scanning arrays. Imperial ships had never been seen in the Comotagh sector, and the aliens on the planet's surface had little reason to worry about one now. But here, in the night's sky, it was nevertheless.

From one of the barge's viewing ports, Brother Grimwald stood, peering down at the world's surface with bitter contempt.

'We should be down there right now. These scum have no right to this world, it should be ours.'

Grimwald shoook his head and sighed. His brother beside him, H'rkan, placed a hand on his armored companion.

'Soon, Grimwald. The Chapter Master has yet to give us the order. Even he is eager for this first action. Soon enough we'll see how our brothers and ourselves fair on the field. It'll be a glorious night, don't you think?'

H'rkan's voice was like a gravelly hiss, having suffered an injury to his larynx during a training exercise with a veteran of their parent Chapter.

Grimwald turned his helmeted face to H'rkan, silent for a moment. 'Perhaps. But it could be a disaster, too. Every battle is a coin flip, H'rkan. And our acting sergeant has yet to give us a proper title.'

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