Blayke Reaver

[[The Search]]

Five individuals left the Ways and entered a world gone mad. Rook, the leader, pulled out a pair of binoculars. In the distance, a farmstead sat alone in the background. It was midday and there was no activity. "Alright," he said, "Our friend in the Foundation said that there was an MTF squad on its way we have a few hours at most."

"I'm surprised the Library dropped us this close to the exclusion zone," Riley commented.

"Do you decide were entrances are?" Rook asked. Riley shrugged his shoulders and began walking. They descended from a ridge to reach the forest surrounding the farm. So far, there was nothing out of the ordinary. The reach the edge of the first field and stopped. It looked normal, but something did not feel right. Aja found a stick and threw it like a javelin into the grass. The grass itself was no more than two feel tall and the stick stuck into the dirt easily enough. Nothing happened. Rook stepped out onto the grass first and nothing happened still. The team then made their way over to the farmhouse.

The building was old. The paint faded and peeling on the sides. The porch creaked when the team stepped onto it. There was a rocking chair that rocked back and forth as if there was someone sitting in it. Rook watched the sun and it was still in the same location as it was when they entered the area. The color pallet of the world around them was off as well, but none of the team could identify what was off about it.

They entered the house cautiously. It was dirty, it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years. Sam led the way in and the team cleared the house room by room. It was empty with one exception. The family that lived in the house was sitting in the dining room, dead. Their bodies looked like trees spontaneously sprouted out of them. Branches grew from their heads while roots sprouted from their limbs.

Sam looked at it in mild horror. Rook pulled her away and turned to Aja. "Are they dangerous?" he asked. Aja was emotionless in their response, "Don't touch or damage them and we will be fine." Trusting their teammate, the group searched the house. The object hey were looking for was not there,

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