Blue Pawsly

The wise old wizard walked through the library, held within the depths of his star-ship. balls of light floated in crystal orbs, waiting to be used.

The wizard looked at the most special of these, a beautiful orb, blue-green, orbited by purple and red, contained within a special orb made of glass and smelling faintly of something rich.

Each of these were spells.

The wizard put his ear to the orb, hearing its song.
The wizard was ready.

As the strange gray creatures scuttled toward him. The wizard rubbed his hands across the spell, feeling it, knowing it learning it.

The strange gray creature lifted itself upright on several of its millions of legs, and gave out a screaming screech.

In the light, the wizard could see it, in all its foul glory. A creature as old as time, and hateful as a star which does not shine.

The foul OMNIPEDE, the destructive beast of the stars, which tore through planets like a laser bolt through wet paper.

The wizard rubbed his hands across the spell, then aimed it as it gave a powerful blast of golden light toward the gray Omnipede.

The Omnipede, the foul, treacherous, disgusting, evil Omnipede, screamed as the golden light washed over it. When the light cleared….

There was nothing.

Nothing but the Beautyfly, a creature with nothing but love in its heart, which brought joy to the world, and spread goodwill to all sentient beings of the multiverse.

The wizard sighed as the Beautyfly rose into the air, flashed its wings once, and then, disappeared in a blinding white light. He watched outside the window as the Beautyfly soared across the cosmos, then carefully placed the spell back to where it came from.

The end

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