Bolterpyre Sandbox

"So," a voice spoke from the very back of the chamber.

Ashaziel turned to meet the owner of the voice. The dark room illuminated at the presence of the unwanted visitor. Shards of black crystal gems manifested in the air and merged into humanoid forms and immediately assumed combat stance in the defense of their demon master.

"This is where you've been hiding?" The owner of the voice continued.

"Kahariel," Ashaziel called. "I heard of Lucifer's death on Terra, and the All-Father's reign over it." He turned his back to the grey clad Archdemon but the crystal soldiers remained where they were, their arms that ended in sharp appendages still remained trained at Kahariel.

"Yes," Kahariel simply replied. The grey armored demon was still equipped with damaged battle gear. The left plate of his chest was missing while the other bore a large diagonal laceration that spoke of angelic weaponry. Hanging in his waist were numerous skulls and rotting head of Human warriors who stood in the defense of Earth, which was now renamed as New Jerusalem. His face, leonine and feral in appearance, grinned widely as he scanned his brother's new hiding place. "What were you doing here?"

"I chose my battles well, Headtaker. If I know that I will lose it, I will retract from it. I don't fight in a senseless last stand." Ashaziel replied. His red musular body was draped with Cerberan pelt. The creature's head rested on Ashaziel's left shoulder.

"So, you plan to hide here forever-more?" Kahariel asked sarcastically, admiring the beauty of the chamber of his brother. Thousands of shards similar to the object that comprised the crystal guards floated in the air. Greenish light that emanated elsewhere acted as a backdrop to the seemingly colossal chamber.

"No," Ashaziel turned and snarled, "I chose to retire." He put an emphasize on the last word and took a step forward to his brother. "God has won Terra and the pagan gods who previously reigned over it have been trampled into the pieces of chaffs that they were. His hounds beheaded them with no remorse and never ending blood-lust. You think it would be wise to fight now that our own father was dead?"

"The Multiverse, Little Ashaziel, is wide enough for us to mount a guerilla warfare against Heaven. Let me remind you that there were others waiting in the shadows for the perfect time to strike. Lucifer was nothing but an arrogant prick who thought of nothing but revenge. He knew nothing of true conquest."

In a fit of rage, Ashaziel charged at Kahariel and easily toppled him to the ground with his supernatural might.

"Never bastardize the memory of our father by speaking lowly of him!" He growled. The crystal sentinels closes in around them. "If you have nothing else to say, you may leave." He stood, turned and walked away.

"Dammit, Ashaziel, can't you not see? We are at the precipice of our own triumph!"

The room around Ashaziel shifted, transforming into a battlefield littered with corpses of mythological monsters, demons, hellspawns, dukes, barons and other horrors that came out of Hell's pit.

"You call this 'triumph'?! Are you blind or has the war taken toll on your psyche, you imbecile prat?!" Ashaziel's skin began to glow, revealing esoteric tattoos—inscriptions of potent black prayers.

"I told you, little brother, there are other players in the wide galaxy waiting for a chance to strike. We are not the only soldiers in Lucifer's rebellion." With a pause, Kahariel smiled at him evilly. "Don't you want revenge for what they did to your dear Variel?"

At the mention of the Fallen Angel, Ashaziel powered down. A Malakhim—or Angel to the tongue of the Humans, was his most beloved. He fell in love with her, and she with him. Both entities would have been betrothed had they met under different circumstances.

Variel protected him from detection when a Strike Team of Mark I Protectorates were deployed to terminate him. The Archangel who ordered for his assassination, had changed the Strike Team's target and designated Variel, now marked as a Fallen Angel, as their target instead. Her demise was brutal. He watched in the shadows as the savage Man-Angels ripped her head from her shoulders.

"Michael…" Ashaziel spoke, the bastard who ordered for her death. "I will have his head on a platter." He glanced at Kahariel and said, "What are you planning to do?"

Kahariel's maw widened into a grin that appeared like a snarl. The crystal guards inched backwards but were still following the Archdemon with their sharp limbs.

"I am planning to awaken the Leviathans, oh dear brother. If we cannot put the All-Father to shame, maybe we could, at least, cause irreparable damages that would weaken Heaven's empire…mysteriously."

"You really are crazy." Ashaziel replied as he turned his back to him. "And how do you plan to do that?"

"My remaining Legions found a ruined naval vessel. Its occupants abandoned it a long time ago. It was of angelic design and I had them hack through the thing." Kahariel watched Ashaziel turn with a questioning look on his eyes. "It was as if we opened a vault of the secrets of the Multiverse itself. We learned about a portal, or a gateway if you mean, in a planet called Gladarius at the Third Realm."

"What does the gateway do?"

"It open paths toward universes and realities outside of the Hourglass Multiverse." Kahariel laughed, his voice echoed throughout the chamber. "It was where God and His trusted Archangels imprisoned the Leviathans as well. Can't you imagine how God had the rest of the Angels fooled?"

"No, you are the fool! I am against that proud Architect, but you do know that there must be a reason why that portal was both kept from us and the Angels? Whatever it is—"

"But what about Variel then?"

Ashaziel stopped mid-sentence. He felt a knot in his chest and stomach as the memories of her made him cloud his judgment once more.

"I will avenge her death." He said through gritted teeth. All reason and judgment was abandoned as he only thought of Michael being dead at his feet, and with him, his Mark I Protectorates.

"Sure." Kahariel replied as he stood up. The room shifted back to the way it was. "You will not regret your decision, brother. I have an army waiting for us, and together," he paused before screaming in a loud voice, "We shall watch Heaven burn!"

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