Brewsterion 1017's Sandbox

It was strange, watching my planet die.

I wasn't on Tauria when the core fully collapsed. Nobody was. Everybody left on the planet had made their way into one of the four evacuation ships, and were all going their separate ways. The Barren Oasis had dropped out of contact a few weeks ago, but that wasn't something people were really concerned with. The only thing anybody was paying attention to was how soon Tauria would come apart, or at least that's how it was on the Empty Metropolis.

We didn't have any sort of scientific charts or sensor readouts to let us know how long our home had left. All the important scientific tools had either been packed away or installed in the command or medical decks, and any sort of sensor data from the satellites that hadn't been knocked out of the sky yet was being routed to command as well so they could get the ship as far away as possible as soon as possible. The only things that the billions of us had to see our only home come apart were the high-fidelity video feeds from the sensor satellites. Most of us did almost nothing between evacuation and breaching the heliopause except watch and wait for the planet to not be one anymore.

There were a few false alarms-no, false alarms is a misstatement. False alarms would imply that everything was safe afterwards. There were two events that were almost the planet coming apart before it actually did.

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