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Original Writer Unknown. Additional Commentary Provided by L. E. Therianthus, Scholar of the Hand.

The following is some fragments from the inventory of the University of East Yor'el.

– “[…] flower of viridignus blossom, immersed in a mixture of Yor'an rain water[[footnote]In D'est, the word for "rain water" is the same as the word for "god's tears".[[/footnote]]and water procured from the Omnius river.

Removed from Uonder valley, Yorۥan, during an occurrence of the greenfire blooming.

24. A glass jar containing a rock from which sprouts blue-green mushrooms. Light pulses slightly every third pyt.1

25. A living bolt of lightning. Trapped inside a large glass sphere filled with a gas that glows purple in its presence.2 Appears to be completely unaware of its situation.

26. Three small vials of greenfire collected from the banks of the Reeve.3 Gathered during the Fourth Great Deluge by priests of the goddess Vew'pas.4

27. Three (3) bottles of distilled thought (to mature):

  • Vintage: 1347 past the the Third Great Deluge. Removed from a renowned theologist (identity unknown) shortly before his involvement with the Jalque' the Lesser Known5.
  • Vintage: 771 past the Fourth Great Deluge. Taken from a volunteering University scholar. Note: do not disturb, ideas currently distilling."

28. Assorted elementals, each contained in a sealed chamber filled with a concentrated form of their respective corpus;

  • A collective of tidal xals, stored in a jar filled with water removed from the northern shore of Theryn, the same location which the elementals themselves (having manifested in excess due to the dissolution of local genii) were found.
  • A plant prit, stored in a solid block of copperwood, and secured by strong chains. Possibly a hybrid of some kind of metal prit and a seperate plant prit, given its composition, and the fact that copperwood prits are otherwise unknown – even to advanced divination techniques. Mildly aggressive, and frequently attempts to rattle off its shelf.
  • A xal, apparently consisting of flame, which affects organised thought and sentience in the same way a normal fire elemental affects fuel. Destroyed much of the Library of 'Tstal by replacing the contents with gibberish before storage.
  • A fire xal in a suspension of godwater. Currently distilling into a Birung.
  • A mercurial prit, kept in a glass jar under standard conditions. Involved in the continued study of the distinction between the more volatile"–

The first fragment ends here. The second fragment is below, and, unlike the first (which consisted of two charred pages, similar to other documents procured from Yoren), it seems to have been cleanly severed.

"134. Ichor of pan mater, blessed be the Sea Mother (a.k.a. Nectar of the All Mother, blessed be she; Milk of the All Mother, blessed be she). Recovered from a pre-royal-era tomb.

It is vitally important that the liquid be stored only the finest vase, in the centre of the cellar. This vase is to be stored on the finest crimson-coloured cloth, on the finest altar. Worship is to occur daily. The importance of these attributes cannot be stressed enough, lest we are noticed by the All Mother, blessed be she. I doubt any of us would wish to be reduced to that state again.

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