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The Nälkä

Nälkä (Also known as "Sarkicism") is a religious and philosophical system that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to “Grand Karcist Ion”. Nälkä practices often include cannibalism, human sacrifice, thaumaturgy, dimensional manipulation and have been shown to harness the ability to form "pacts" with otherworldly beings and entities.
The religion was originally founded by "Grand Karcist Ion" thousands of years ago, but has since then been fractured into several groups worldwide, Two major groups of the Nälkä are Proto-Sarkites and the Neo-Sarkites.

Proto-Sarkites seem generally value in humility and self-sacrifice for the good of the many. This leads to many of them to willingly sacrifice themselves under the belief that they will be reborn and suffer for their faith. They usually see "Grand Karcist Ion" as a benevolent messiah who will one day return and grand humanity eternal life. They view Yaldabaoth as the creator of life, but also as a hostile force that needs to be stopped.

While the Proto-Sarkites belief in sacrificing oneself for the good of the many, the Neo-Sarkites belief in sacrificing many for the good of the one. They see "Grand Karcist Ion" as an example of what one person can achieve through dedication in the Nälkä practices, but are ready to overthrow him, if they gather the same amount of power. This can potentially cause conflict between the Neo and Proto-Nälkä groups.


The Nälkä's beliefs and tradition have caused time and time again many conflicts with The Devout this can be seen in the holy scriptures of both the Nälkä and Devout scriptures, often describing conflict between the two ideologies gods, "Yaldabaoth" and "Mekhane". At some point Mekhane, the deity worshiped by the Devout, engaged with Yaldabaoth in a biblical battle over the fate of humanity. The battle ended with Mekhane sealing Yaldabaoth away, but breaking into pieces in the process. Both Neo and Proto-Nälkä seem to follow a single creed whose core beliefs include the following concepts:
"To Shepherd the Flesh"

Yaldabaoth is regarded in Nälkä belief as the true power in the universe. Neo-Sarkites appear to revere Yaldabaoth. However Proto-Sarkites describe her as the true enemy of humanity. Translated fragments of the Valkzaron suggests that Ion had somehow usurped control of Yaldabaoth, wearing her flesh as a sort of armor and crafting from its body a kingdom. This is contradicted by recently discovered scripture which suggest that Ion merely cast down the so called "living gods" of the Daeva. The continued mortality of humanity and the absence of "paradise" ultimately imply that, were Ion real, then he had failed to achieve his goals which suggests a less positive outcome for humanity. More recovered scriptures portray Yaldabaoth as both destroyer and incidental creator, being often shown "feeding" on gods and stars which then cause her to "Exhale life" in a panspermia like manner.

The Valkzaron
The Valkzaron is Nälkä scripture that also serves as a grimoire. Translations from the traditional Nälkä language of "Adytite" found in the scripture are ongoing.

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