Researcher Black
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Chapter One

The area was dark and damp, a sewer. "Why is it always a damn sewer?" J walked further through the odorous tunnel. He was trying to find an underground event, trouble was the event moved every night. "Ah finally," he says rounding the corner, "The Anomalous Fight Ring!"

At the end of the tunnel is a metal door with a peephole. J bangs on it three times and is asked "If the shepherd leads the herd of sheep, who leads the shepherd?" To which J replies, "The herd of sheep." A small click, and then the door heaves open. "Welcome fellow anomaly," says a greeter standing just past the door.

On the inside is a large cavern with a fighting cage in the center and seating all the way around it. J strolls over to the first empty seat he can find and watches the match in progress. As he watches the fight he sees one of the fighters disappear and the reappear behind the other. The other righter's body suddenly erupts in flames sending the first fighter flying into the cage wall, knocking him out cold.

An announcer calls out to the crowd, "Looks like we have a winner!" That was an interesting fight J thinks to himself, now it's time for the real show to begin…

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