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Hello! Here at The Wanderers’ Library, we love some good lore, and we especially love disagreeing about lore. That’s why our current lore page needs an update! It’s several years old, and doesn’t take into account many of the user generated ideas that have been developed since it was created. With that in mind, we as staff want to do a major rewrite of it. We also want to use user input to do so. Here’s where you can contribute your thoughts, ideas, and answers to the questions about the Library. Keep your answers short please, no more than four or five sentences. Add your answer below each question in a code block, with your name so we can properly we credit you. We aren’t guaranteeing we’ll use all of the ideas here for the new Universe page, but we’ll do our best to incorporate as much user info as we can!

What is the nature of the Library?

Is the Library infinite?

Who created the Library?

Is the Library alive? Does it have a mind of its own?

Where is the Library?

What secrets does the Library contain?

Who can access the Library?

What is the Serpent's Hand's relationship to the Library?

What other groups reside within the LibrarY?

Where do Librarians come from?

What is the purpose of the Librarians?

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