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The massive stone corridor stretches out in front of you. Countless ittle pigeonholes carved into the stone, each filled with… something. Your eyes can't quite focus in the dim lamplight coming from… where is it coming from? It doesn't matter. That's not what you're here for.

It took some doing, but you managed it; you've sneaked in. It takes a particularly skilled individual to outwit not only the Librarians, but the Library itself. Not that it was easy; getting the Docents and Pages distracted was a labor in and of itself. Then conning the Archivists into letting you behind the Desk, and conveniently "getting lost". The Wrights that you passed in the hallways just looked at you with sad, hollow eyes — it's probably been years since they saw a Patron.

But you succeeded, and the Five Archives lay open before you. Well, not quite open. The gargantuan stone — stone? in the Library? — doors lay sealed and engraved. Each carries a carving, rendered in stunning detail five times your height. You run your hand across one. Smooth and uncomfortably warm. It shudders at your touch. Then your lantern goes out.

The cavern is bathed in darkness for a moment — and then you see them. Glowing blue letters, inset into the marble door. They swim across your vision, painting a portrait for you. You admire.

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