This is weieeiiiird.

Talking about games are a somewhat dismal fanfare. And perhaps, you're here for that exact reason.

You're tired of shallow praises about shooting people and gimmicky themes. You've read hundreds of articles that rarely develop further than a fraction that indicates quality and a single line of faux witty review. You know what I mean.

"Masterful!" - Circlejerk Enterprise

"A new, subtle experience." - Old Men United

3.9/5 - IGN

Now, games are so diluted in get rich quick schemes and the oversight of multibillion dollar corporations that we forget games weren't originally the property of a few faceless suits looking to make money. Games are a way for people to get together, to have fun, and it's been like this since the inception of culture. Indeed, every culture in every time have come up with the ballgame, where you knock around a ball until it reaches a goal, which says something about our love for pass times.

The modern era has redefined our understanding of games. Blips on a screen and buttons to press, gaming is no longer limited to the strong and hardy, fighting for control. Games push the boundaries of art and expression, allowing for experimentation and storytelling.

And that's what we're here for.

Although I may not be the smartest kid on the block, I am willing to write about games, and I do hope you stick around.

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1-3: Underhero and Obscurity

2-1: Who knows?

2-2: Cause I don't.

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