Cpt. Fields

"In nearly ten thousand years or studying the universes, there have only been a handful of things that have truly astounded me. I have witnessed the birth of grand empires, listened to lectures by legendary scholars, I've even shared afternoon tea with a god. Now here I sit, recording it all for the next generation that grew up while I wasn't looking. Will they be grateful for my effort? Unlikely. Will they learn from my errors? Absolutely not. But I am just the archivist. This is what I do."
~Artemis the Wonder

[[tab Magic Theory]]

When asked the question, "What is magic?" there are a lot of different possible answers than one can receive. Some would call is the works of powers beyond our understanding, while others may simply believe it to be the untapped potential of all living beings. Both of these descriptions however, are ultimately false. Magic, while wondrous and capable of a great deal of spectacular things, is much simpler than most would realize.

Simply put, magic is an energy, no different from the warmth of a star or the lightning in a storm. Magic is an energy that exists within all living things, but is also present in the ambient atmosphere. Sorcerers learn to manipulate the magical energy within their own bodies, in order to influence the magical energy around them. This is what creates a spell.

Requiring a great amount of mental focus, as well as being attuned with ones own magic, casting spells is not an easy task for those who are not practiced. Some spells even require an external catalyst in order to properly cast, in the form of runes, symbols, incantations, or alchemic reagents.

[[tab The Magic Star]]
Front Page Prompt 2 -

How does magic function in space? How can a witch be expected to mix a potion by the light of the moon when in deep space? How does a warlock living in an asteroid belt perform a ritual at night? Write a story about a magic user in space and how they do or don't deal with these and other issues.

A voice came over the the ships comm. "Attention all hands, this is the Captain. If you can, direct you attention starboard side. We'll be passing an ethereum star in just a few moments. As I understand we will be the first science vessel to ever observe one of them this close. Should be quite the site."

I leapt from my bunk and began hastily pulling on my uniform. To see an ethereum star up close was an opportunity not many sorcerers would get in their life times, and I was not about to pass this up. Science vessel had only recently begun to carry magical personal as part of the standard crew complement. According to my fellow crewman, I was only the third graduated enchanter to have set foot aboard a colonial ship as part of the actual crew, and not just a passenger.

Ship captains don't trust sorcerers, I'm told. Old folk tales about bad luck and curses, and other such nonsense, run rampant among the military higher ups. But with the increasing impossibilities of our expanding universe, its fallen to people in my profession to provide explanations for the true wonders of the universe.

I stepped out into the hall to find it empty. Everyone off duty was probably already on the observation deck. I started off towards the riser. My quarters were on deck nine so it would be short trip to reach the observation deck, but I didn't mind. What awaited me there would be worth it.

An ethereum star, was not a collection of gas like other stars, but a concentration of magic. A dense sphere of pure, primal, arcane energy with potentially limitless power.

[[tab Beyond the Line of Scrimmage]]

A collection of letters recovered from two separate corpses in the ruins of Marathon.

Dearest Mordecai,

So glad to hear from you again. It has been so long since our last exchange that I was beginning to fear for your health. I'm relieved to hear your unit has not come under any heavy fire. We get very little news out here, and what news we do receive is grim at best. To be honest, day to day it's hard to tell there is a war going on. This part of the countryside has yet to be touched, thank the gods.

The last I heard the Jordanian force was moving south after securing the Titans pass. If your unit hasn't moved on by the time you receive this letter you may cross paths with them. Do be careful out there. Public opinion is becoming more and more hostile towards Aldrin. I can only hope that this worthless conflict comes to an end soon.

Stay safe, my love.



Thank you for your letter.

[[tab The Ruins of Marathon]]

A traveler would be wise to avoid the ruins of Marathon. That place has not been safe since the reign of Solomon the First. Not since the demon of destruction was summouned by the sorcerer king to suppress the Jordan incursion.

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