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Zhānbǔ (of Fortune) Translated

It was two and one half thousand years before Guān Yǔ held hands with Zhāng Fēi and Zhāolièdì Liú Bèi, before the coming of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and before the supernatural was barred from entering the land of mortals. The schools of war and mystics were numerous, with the number of practitioners reaching the thousands. The disciplines versed in Suō dì fǎ would fold the lands to traverse a days travel in a step, the disciplines versed in Niànlì would lift an elephant in ease with just the mind. Qiānlǐyǎn allowed the user to observe an oncoming army beyond the horizon. These were the more open schools, where the teachings were learnt by many skilled warriors and rogues. However, there were some teachings that were held more secret. The scrolls on Huàngǔduótāi was found just recently in the Alcove of the Way, revealing the method behind transcendence of the body to spiritual level, a skill unheard of until now.

After the Zhou dynasty fell

The writer intends to write on the basics of ancient Zhānbǔ, the beginning of fortune telling.

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