Crow-Cat's WL Sandbox

Preface: I was freaking out after my conversation with the Jailor so this report initially read as a Lovecraft-esque prophecy of doom-and-gloom. After calming down (in no small part due to my friends), I turned a critical eye towards the Jailor's claim and realized there was little reason to take his statements as absolute truth. Its been extensively rewritten, so I hope this reads as less "fire and flesh-pits" and more so a report on why the Foundation maintains the veil.

There was an invasion on the Wanderer's Library today, some great threat that required a vast amount of librarians in order to combat it. It wasn't just the Docents fighting, I saw thousands of Pages wrapping some war-bred monstrosity in webbing and rope. I saw Archivists shooting spells, bullets, and miscellaneous biological projectiles at open Ways. I even saw a Scribe handing out unusual lanterns to Docents heading into battle. Despite all of this, the Library was calling for any capable Wanderers willing to assist them in the conflict.

I was helping however I could: transporting supplies; moving valuable books; tending to wounded Wanderers. During this time I spotted a few individuals of well renown. There was Hoya of the Dinodon's Hand, Midnight of the Serpent's Nest, even the group of Jailors known as Sigma-3!

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