Cyxa scribbles and drafts

You woke up in a daze and a terrible headache… it feels like the whole world is spinning and like a flood breaking into a dam, countless new memories swarmed into your brain. like watching a movie, you realize you can recall and explore your old and new memories like a book.
The Year is 2009 and the world doesn't seem much different than your world, just in the past…

still drowsy and disoriented you go to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror:
How do you look?

Gender: •Male •Female

•Child 7 - 13 •Teenager 14- 18 •Young adult 18 - 21 •senior 21+

Exploring your new memories, you remember your (now) parents died in a car accident and now, with nowhere to go you live with your uncle. he lets you live in one of his houses and sends you money every month, he's ok as long as you don't bother him or cause trouble.
You skim through your memories and seem to find some symbols you can't help but feel familiar.
(SCP Foundation logo) [GOC logo]
your heart seems to sink as you finish taking a shower and try to recollect your thoughts.

you finally take notice of a weird symbol that seems to slowly emerge in the bottom part of your field of vision.
concentrating on it, You seem to understand what it means: Ansys Legacy
the information it contains gives you more questions than answers.
about a library and wanderers.
Ansys seems to be a very Powerful 'wanderer'. this seems to be part of the power and knowledge he left behind.
before you can question anymore, you find yourself into a blue landscape. countless lights each giving its own set of information.
You know that this is the power and forbidden knowledge left behind, Your body and soul can only hold 100⨕ of power. You must choose wisely.

Danger sense
Cost: 6
You can sense the presence of impending danger and have a slight intuition regarding the degree of danger and where it comes from.

Mind of Logic
You now have a Genius level intellect and photographic memory. You can process things at the level of a supercomputer,
complex calculations necessary to either magical or scientific matters are easy to you now. You can now absorb and process knowledge at astonishing rates. your fine motor skill is improved and way more precise.

Eyes of remnar
Cost: 5
You can see magic in its essence. your eyes can pierce illusions and see far away in a 'telescopic vision' and even switch to a 'microscopic vision' to see things that are too small to see with the naked eye.

knock finder
cost: 10
You instinctively know the paths to the library and how to open it. with years or even decades of training, you will be able to freely find ways that lead to worlds of your specifications.

Artificer's eye
it will tell you all there is to know about something. it will show properties, values, and a good full description. can be used on people but only gives a general description of their items, powers, and general mood.

You can heal much faster than a normal person, it takes months to regrow limbs and 1 to 2 years to regrow organs. diseases and powerful viruses still affect you, but to the effect of the flu.

innate magic
Your body is capable of storing magic power. Your capability will grow with use, active training, and meditation.
other means depends on you to find out.

Midas Alchemy
with a touch, you can transform matter into a different particular arrangement. this power begins with small uses, and can evolve to wide scope and range. it still follows the law of conservation of energy. ex: you can turn 1 ton of lead into 500kg of gold but not the other way around.
this power begins with small uses, and can evolve to wide scope and range.

mekhane sense
you can easily create machines as long you have the knowledge necessary and vague idea on how it works. it will still take trial and error. You can also 'feel’ the machine via touch and sight. the information being processed through its circuits, and wires and gears. with time you will be able to acquire knowledge about the machine and even be able to copy it. 'feel' via sight takes the double of the time.

Your body will not age past your prime.
Warning: This power doesn't make you immortal.

Quazai Aura
You can send fear and terror into your enemies, the weak-willed enemies will flee and some strong-willed will lose some combat effectiveness. extreme effective against crowds.

injury dislocation
By touching your or anyone else's injury, you'll be able to transfer it. if you don't do it in 1 hour, it will get transferred to you instead. transferring injuries from one location to another is possible.

You can restore the physical state of anything you touch to a previous state. this power takes some time to learn how to freely control it. it takes more time to master this on biological beings.
warning: you cannot resurrect people who have been dead for more than 1 day, and you need a relatively complete body.

You can Relocate by swapping positions with a target instantly. it takes some time to 'cool down' at first and it will take lots of training to make the relocation nigh instantly. warning: you must have the target in your line of sight to use it.

serpent molting
You can put a mark on a location(anywhere inside your current universe), when you receive a fatal wound you will instantly and silently be replaced with an identical clone of yourself, all damage will be transferred to the 'substitute' and you will appear at the marked location. (warning: this power can only be used once every 2 years, after use, you will get into a weakened state ranging from 3 - 6 months. during this time your powers will be greatly weakened and you may get into a sluggish and sleepy state.)

Ulak's Dream
You can separate your spirit from your body, allowing your consciousness to travel outside.
your consciousness can fly at a fast speed, ignore physical barriers and interact with light objects(with practice heavier objects also can be moved). warning: while incorporeal and normally imperceptible, some magical entities/powerful mages may be able to affect/see you. caution advised.

elemental affinity
Choose: Fire, Air, Water, Earth
You can summon and control an element. you can create whirlwinds, blasts of fire, small earthquakes, and manipulate great amounts of water. it can grow with use and training.

hazing Mist
You can transform yourself into a semi-solid mist substance. almost immune to physical attacks but very weak against fire and energy(magic included).

if you are being described or your name is being recorded or written somewhere, you will be able to 'see' the information and expunge it. you can destroy the information related to you selectively, but cannot add information. the data expunged will always appear to be 'normal' causes ex: blurred texts, corrupted files, ink-covered, etc..

Hunter reflexes
you have enhanced reaction speed, allowing you to react instantly to what others take more time to react to. your motor coordination is likewise improved.

shadow stalker
You cloak yourself in the shadows, making yourself nigh invisible in the dark.

you can lift, move, and apply pressure to objects with your mind. you can move objects weighing up to 3 times your own weigh, this value will increase depending on training and use. warning: moving objects for an extended period of time or objects that weigh above your limit will cause migraines.

mirror traveling
you can use mirrors as portals,

you see up to 2 hours of a certain course of action. The ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen can be used to run 'simulations'. time doesn't pass in reality when you use it. can only be used once every 3 hours
warning: some special entities/places can't be accurately predicted, sometimes the simple act of foreseeing them causes that future to change.

you can teleport to any place within your life of sight or through accurate pictures of real-world locations and live camera feed.
items and people you're touching will be teleported too. you cannot teleport inside solid objects.

powers give you the potential and increase your odds to survive and thrive. but knowledge shows you how to grow your powers, how to use your resources, and increase efficiency… Knowledge is the road ahead, Knowledge is power. These books represent forbidden and ancient knowledge, unfortunately you can only get a summary of what they are about.

the wailing book
requires: innate magic
this book reveals the compiled knowledge about the art of necromancy, curses, and related spells. it is rated and cataloged, contains detailed explanations of each spell, including notes from Ansys.

The Thousand
this book compiles the knowledge about clairvoyance and precognition of all kinds, including anomalous and magical. it contains knowledge about divination spells, how to better cultivate and grow your predictive abilities and senses.

of matters in the void
this book compiles the knowledge about space, the void, and how to interact with it through magical, technological, and anomalous means. this knowledge is very beneficial to further the grasp of space-related abilities, like teleportation, etc…

Elemental Typology
This book compiles the knowledge about the basic elements of Fire, air, water, earth. it teaches about the magic of elements, how to summon elementals, and how to further your grasp of elemental related abilities.

wanderer's guide to survival
This book compiles knowledge about survival and life-saving skills for wanderers. contains life-saving spells, creation of life-saving items, helpful runes and ancient techniques, including ways to survive years without sustenance, a great number of escape skills and means to survive without organs for an indefinite amount of time.

book of mekhane
this book compiles knowledge about technological inventions from a great number of advanced civilizations. contains all blueprints from weapons, vehicles and energy generators, etc… and their concepts.

book of Alchemy
this book compiles knowledge about alchemy, teaching how to create elixirs, magical potions, and changing the state of matter with magic. it gives a systematic understanding of alchemy and a better understanding of abilities involving changing matter.

book of runes
This book compiles the knowledge about magical runes, teaching how to use it to create magical objects, seals and create permanent magical effects to buildings(reinforcement,anti-scrying, etc..)

Book of the traveler
This book records the Ways, most of them through the library, some are ancient portals made by unknown entities and even stable otherworldly rifts. many of the ways recorded here are unknown to anyone but the creator himself you can vaguely see the corner of the book. written by: Yves Midae

Book of Biology
This book compiles the knowledge about Biology, no only humans but from countless different creatures. it teaches about using living matter, how to transplant organs from magical creatures, and the matters of the flesh in general.

It has been 1 week since you have appeared here, you have been going the old routine like in the memories and have finally finished adapting to your powers and sorting all the information you got. You finally know about the world you are.

[will insert the GOI's here]
[library general description]

You found it, a way just a 5-minute walk away from your house. you check your backpack for the second time and enter the abandoned building, passing by the living room and going straight to the bedroom. you glance around taking a blank page and a lighter from your backpack, you burn the page and take the ashes in your hands, slowly you scatter the ashes in the four corners of the room and sit in the middle… slowly you close your eyes… when you open them all you see is shelves as far as the eye can see…

you spend two hours on the shelves until you've met a 'docent' a creature with no mouth, and Where their left hand should be, a chain grows, connected to a brass lantern that never grows dim. it guided you to a desk where you were introduced to a giant octopus of yellow and purple coloration. you were given a small brass "Library Card", and informed of the rules of the library: Return your books on time. Don't damage books. Don't steal books. Don't damage Library property. Don't harm those within the Library.

what about now? you remember vague information about many groups in the library, most of them are friendly to newcomers and can help you. maybe joining one of these groups may help you carve your path in life.

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