Dank Dingo

The Dragon and the Badger.



Chapter One: The Dragon

In N O T a S O faraway land, before the time of the controlling, there were 3 Dragon Princes, Followers of the one true Great Dragon. they were loyal to all of his commands and would stop anything they were doing to do his bidding. that was long ago now, and right at this point in time, the princes are all but dead, and the one Great Dragon is reduced to a mere spectral form, only able to come into his world as a ghost. this story is not about the Great Dragon, but about one of his follower's descendants, a young dragon by the name of… something? nobody really knows, but they all call him Green. as you can guess, he is a dark green color and is not the talking type. more of a strong, silent listener, which is helpful when no-one else will listen to you. Green is rather small for his age of 623, but he's stronger than most, allowing him to also be faster. he enjoys a lot of things, namely sports like races and Spikeball and also learning, allowing him to be one of the few living things that are both intelligent and caring and also strong and brave. but let's not make this story all about describing Green and his daily life, let's make it about how he met a small badger, and how that changed everything.

Chapter Two: The Badger

now, before we get to know this little furball, let me teach you a little history. the land this takes place on is the landmass of Europe, mainly in Germany and in the UK. the time of the Dragon Princes was in the 4th to 8th centuries, making them have been around at the time of King Arthur. as you might have guessed, the dragon princes were the ones behind the legend, where a dragon helped King Arthur and saved Camelot. this dragon was the Great Dragon, the Three Princes having called upon him as they watched their home being attacked and destroyed. so, the Great Dragon was quite an important figure all throughout history, him mainly being behind all of the dragon sightings through the years, as the princes preferred not to show themselves. this story takes place a while later, but still not today. this story takes place in the 17th century. anyway, now that our history lesson is out of the way, let's talk about our badger, Badger. yes, his name is Badger, but he's not all that simple. Badger is smart, fast and quite sneaky and cheeky. Badger enjoys annoying people and having daydreams. there's not much more to badger, but we'll learn more of him in this story. so, are we all ready? all comfortable?
Let's get started then.

Chapter Three: The Fight

Green slammed against the wall, his arms either side of his head, and he let out what was halfway between a groan and a sigh. this was the third time in a year that he'd been in a fight, and he wasn't enjoying it as much as he would've when he was, say, 300 years younger? a younger Dragon, by the name of Fang (i know, typical dragon name, but he chose it himself as he wasn't too happy with his given name, Cornelius), was pacing in a semi-circle around Green, taunting him. Green respected that he was being given time to catch his breath, and smiled to himself since he knew how bad of a move it was. Green got off the wall, turning himself around to face Fang and smiled again. "what's so funny, huh?" said Fang, still circling. "I'm crushing you! I'm running circles around you!" Green sighed and looked Fang in the eye. "I myself would call them semi-circles, Corn," said Green, smirking. "plus, you just made a big mistake". Fang was too agitated by Green calling him Corn to hear his second line, which would have been helpful. "screw you!" said Fang, "I'll kill y-!" he wasn't able to finish his line, as Green landed a tail-smack to his chest, then spun him backward in the air with a burst of powerful flame from his mouth. Fang was thrown back, then started rolling. all of this had taken place on flat ground on the side of a mountain, a hill going down being on one side and a cliff going up on the other. Green took flight, wanting to see this. Fang was rolling down the hill, unconscious, flailing around like a bird who was afraid of heights. Green was satisfied, then flew away, barrel rolling in the air to boost his confidence.

Chapter Four: The River

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