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Notable decorative pieces of the southern shelves.

A compilation of guides to various art pieces of the Library.
Whether searching for books or poring through volumes, the Library's art provides respite to tired eyes. Unfortunately descriptions of the myriad portfolios of paintings, statues, exhibits and stained glass windows often elude the enthusiast. For the assistance of Wanderers able to perceive this plane it is hoped that these descriptions will be of some use.

The window of Santa Genesius

On the wall adjacent to shelf 13201-R (near the study tables) the window of Santa Genesius can be found. Gently casting its colored rays across the tiled floors, this stained glass window is well known to the habité of the southern shelves. The window itself depicts a theaters seating, as if the viewer were on the stage looking out over the crowd.

This piece is notable, not only because the crowd depicted moves with apparent sentience, but because the crowd possesses the ability to interact with the viewer. The crowd shown lives under the belief that they are watching a play or performance and that the viewer is in fact an actor. This can be tiresome or even unsettling as most viewers are simply reading or searching for volumes. As per their belief, the crowd responds to the viewers random actions by: cheering (which is amusing), booing (which is alarming), and occasionally with completely riveted silence (which is deeply, deeply unnerving).

Library goers sometimes find it useful to practice instruments or recite lines in front of this piece (see addend. 1.), as the feedback is occasionally useful. However, performers should be warned that, when vexed or highly displeased with an act, the stained glass audience will throw rotten fruit and produce. Unfortunately, these projectiles do not actually leave the window, Instead: on reaching what would be "their side" of the window it disappears and manifests on "our side" as broken glass shards of various colors. A poor performance almost invariably results in the offending viewer being showered in shattered glass and insults (addend. 2.)

1. The Southern Shelf Thespians put on a weekly show for this piece. To the groups pride it is consistently well recieved.
2. A well meaning viewer once attempted to explain to the crowd their current situation (inside a window). He was soundly rebuked for "a poor attempt to break the fourth wall" and was pelted off "stage".

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