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Chorizos nipples at the peak of there prime when they stood on end. The hurricane was an orgy of red socks, ones of which were very squeaky clean.

A pack of geisha came with their baby daddy's kicking there nephews who cried in happiness.

"I'll take care of that for you," said Matthew sexually, who then got out legos and started to insult Russia because of legos weren't liked by Russia because of the geishas.

"HEY big boy." said the police who shot a pregnant walrus, causing it to prematurely have a human baby named Chorizo. "Fuck you bitch," said, baby chorizo who had gone into labor and birthed out the 150th president of the United States, Donald Trump the 70th. "We need to build a wall." in that solemn moment every Mexican banded together to build a glorious wall.

"mo mo mama mama miimii"

"That's right SCP-590 you're going to have the whole task force under your control. In fact, we're giving you control of the entire foundation welcome aboard 05-69."

"I LikE PoWeR Rangers!" 590 pooped himself."Uh OH! I do poopy!"

A secretary came in and changed him on the desk, Hitler enjoyed the entertainment.


The foundation was doing as good as ever, but Dr. Gears was being dead.

"You GUUUUYs we need to save doctor gears." cried Rights on her period.

"Yes, we do indeed, my good sir, cheerio," said Bright.

"It's pulverin time!!" said Clef who took Dr. Gears corpse and used it to floss clean Dr. Kondrakis ass crack.

Kondraki said."I'm snuggly soft!!" Kondraki said.

"Yay GEARS is saved!!" shouted 05-1.

Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds were making out on Oprah wieners fruitloops.

"So how did you guys like the new wonder woman movie?" asked Chester cheetah in the middle of a sex change.

'Oh that's nice' said the surgeon.

"Freese we are cops!" said the mailmen.

"No, please I'm black!! I'm a tasty Hershey bar!!"

We don't care they chanted gleefully,"We never cared."


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