Doctor Xythinien
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This tome was recovered from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and is available under the 2019 Library Document Preservation Accords. The tome was written circa 1872.

On Hunting Maluaxes
Notes From the Field

Chapter One: Biological & Geographical Information.

Maluaxes are known for their considerable worth on the market as well as their ferocity. They dwell in the Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, a wild and untamed place. The local nomads are quite hospitable, and will answer any inquiries that you may have about the species itself.

Chapter Two: Equipment.

I, personally, would recommend bringing a sturdy rifle; however, the decision is yours as to your armament. However, certain equipment for your own survival (despite weapons) are essential. A pack of the following items would suffice for the average hunter:

  • A canteen of water
  • A warm parka
  • An inflatable tent
  • One pack of hard candy, nuts, or protein bar(s)

Chapter Three: The Maluax Itself.

The Maluax is a formidable, predatory beast. It has rows and rows of sharp teeth, and possesses a thick coat of fur on its body. Around its neck, a frill of vibrant feathers hang. Maluaxes hunt the larger Qeryas, peaceable, enormous herbivores. Qeryas are about four times as large as Maluaxes (which measure at 8 meters or more).

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