Dr fun

So you think you know strange well ill tell you right now, you don't you haven't even glimpsed into the vast ocean that is the weirdness of this universe.

Now you might be thinking "What the hell is this guy talking about I've seen so and so such and such", you get the point but you haven't seen strange until you've seen the Jabberwock. I know what you are thinking, well actually I don't but I can make a damn good guess "what the fuck is this man talking about the Jabberwock like from that Lewis Carrol poem".

"Now I understand your skepticism, however, yes it does exist and it is more terrifying than anything you could possibly imagine, well not anything but that's a story for another day". "You have probably seen a picture of the Jabberwock but I can say without a doubt in my mind that it was inaccurate the Jabberwock is not ten times larger than a person it's at most two meters tall, don't let its small stature catch you off guard, because it can run and I really mean it the fasted I've measured one go is TWO KILOMETERS A MINUTE and that's, not all folks it can jump fifteen meters to reach its prey and then proceed to eat it slowly from the feet causing much pain as possible. "And if that wasn't enough let us talk about all the ways this thing can murder you to death it has your standard claws teeth and the like but it can also secrete a caustic goo from beneath its tongue and spit it at you. "Fortunately for you, these things do have weaknesses it tires out extremely fast it is nocturnal and it can be killed by conventional weaponry.

"So remember next time you walk through a forest at night beware the Jabberwock"!

"Another oddity I have encountered in my travels is the pocket watch you may have noticed in my pocket, it may seem like an ordinary timepiece however there are two things very extraordinary about it first it is older than any other watch in existence being made in the year 1162 secondly it allows the user limited future-sight I say limited because it only allows you to glimpse twenty-four hours into the future".

"I came to acquire this watch in 1989 while exploring deep underground where I found a box containing the watch and a note reading"

To whom it may concern this my gift to whoever finds this box the watch inside allows you to see into the future when opened I have used it to prevent tragedy in the past however I for reasons I will not elaborate upon here no longer wish to possess this artifact and so I bequeath it to you Sincerely Lord Theodore Blackwood, 8th viscount of Westminster

"I have no idea who Theodore Blackwood is, however, I certainly appreciate his gift."

"well students that seems to be all the time we have for today I will see you all tomorrow, dismissed

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