Dr Guise



The Library is a cozy location where many creatures gather to learn. Bookburners and vandals get turned into the very thing they were fighting against - Librarians. I keep my library card in my wallet, right behind my license. I don’t know if I ever want to leave.


A fight broke out amongst two patrons. A real shame. One was a small dragon-like creature, with wings that looked like a dragonfly’s. He had the breath of the elements. The other was this lady made of stars. When they fought, he used his elemental breath, and destroyed a bunch of books behind the lady. A docent made quick work capturing the two of them. They were dragged away, kicking and screaming. Who knows what will happen to them. She dropped her library card. I’ll keep it safe.


The Serpent’s Hand is having a meeting today - but they are not what’s on my mind. Her library card, it’s warm and almost feels like it has a pulse. Docents glare at me when I pass. The Library seems angry. I’ve started using both cards to check books out. I haven’t seen her in a long time. She was able to get into the Archives. I’ll go there tomorrow.


The docents. They know. They tried to follow me into the Archives. If they had mouths they would have been screaming and spitting. Pages stared at me, awestruck. The Library knows I’m not using the right card. But as long as I have mine in my wallet, I’ll be fine.


The Archives are the greatest vault of world-wide secrets ever known to man. Every single “what if” seems to have been answered here. I’ve talked to patrons who don’t seem to realize just how long they’ve been here. I see ghosts of the old writers as they fiddle away in journals. At night, though, when the Archives go dark and the Pages come to reshelve books, I have to be careful not to be spot. I didn’t think they were smart enough to communicate, but I think they do. I hear unearthly barks of commands. They do more than reshelve. They search.


Oh, god, my card. It must have fallen out of my wallet. The Archives once seemed like a place of tranquility among the Library. Now every movement has me off-guard. I hold on to her library card and hope that the Library will dismiss the lost card. But it won’t. I know it won’t. Her card isn’t warm anymore. No, it’s cold. She’s gone, or at least isn’t recognized by the card. I’ll have to hope for the best.


I've looked all over the Archives. The ghosts of dead writers stare at me and patrons whisper among themselves whenever they see me. It was quiet before but now - it just feels lifeless. If I approach they scatter. I have nightmares every night of docents coming in by the thousands to take me away. Everybody knows what I've done by now. Why hasn't the Library come in yet? It knows what I've done. It knows I've broken rules. I can't leave, docents will capture me as soon as I step out of the Archives. If there are any Ways that lead directly to the Archives, they haven't shown themselves to me.


I’m back, journal. Glad to see you held up well.

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