Dr. Kevlars' Mystery Box. (Do Not Open Without Permission.)

Serpents Bible: Book Of The Viper 3:17 "When the Library falls."

The shadows light the streets tonight.
The creature gives you quite a fright.
Nobody knows where the books have gone,
Everything is going completely wrong.
The empty shelves haunt the room,
Making the library seem like a tomb.
Where are they, the answer came.
The jailers arrived, ''tis a shame.
Those wonderful books are taken away.
Never again to see the light of day.
The thought makes me feel ashamed.
Secured, Protected, and Contained.
Or worse still, and it makes my heart hurt.
The possibility that the books have been burnt.
We were betrayed by a Librarian we trusted.
Destruction, not knowledge was for which he lusted.
We will not fall. We will rebuild.
Our Destiny shall be fulfilled.
We will stand, Wise, Strong, and Bold.
There are always more stories to be told.
A story of Betrayal, Battle, and War.
Of ancient Knowledge, from Near and Far.
Thousands of Stories, Lost to Time, or yet to Unfold,
Are worth far more than Power, Love, or Gold.
Our shelves shall refill.
Jailer blood shall spill.
Knowledge is important enough to afford.
Bloodshed, in the name of our lord.
When the Library falls, in dark of night.
Then, only then, is it time to fight.

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