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Note: the following entry is an extract from Lambert L. Luxley's Definitive Guide to Beings Which May or May Not Exist (1964)

The idea of good manners is one that can be found in almost every advanced society, and it should come as no surprise that many beings have taken to worshipping deities representing this highly subjective concept. Although many of these are thought to be pure fiction, some (such as X and Y) have been found to be more than just myth. In this scholar's opinion, by far the most elusive manner-god encountered thus far is Jelzavik.

The being known as Jelzavik is worshipped exclusively by the inhabitants of the Fifth North American Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy found on Earth iteration 156 ("z"). The Fifth Kingdom was found shortly after the dissolution of the Third Kingdom in 1910, and was formed with the intent of creating a society with as few laws as possible. This experiment is today regarded as a failure, as it was not long before the Kingdom descended into chaos, which only ended with the arrival of the man known as "Smed the Mannerly". Smed introduced the people of the Kingdom to Jelzavik, which he claimed to be the "one true god and creator-of-all", who humans may join in Paradise after their deaths. According to Smed, the only way to ensure yourself a place in Paradise was to be good-mannered and polite at all times, living one's life in accordance with the so-called "Book of Manners".

The Book of Manners serves as a reference guide for practices which are considered to be either good or bad manners by Jelzavik himself.

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