Dr Strider

Document was destroyed March 15, 2067

Personal log JStrider (37)

Hello reader, my name is Dr. Jadzia Strider, odds are you haven't heard of me yet because I have simply not been important yet, on June 23rd 2064 I founded LRTF Jerra-12 which, if you ask anyone outside of our task force, does not exist. It's not that we were a secret, more that no one cared about us until this incident, and I am sure we shall remain a joke for the rest of eternity. So Jerra-12, you want to know what it is I'm sure, simply put we were a task force only to be deployed as a last resort, last resort task force if you will, we had about 17 researchers, 9 medical personnel, 13 general foundation personnel, and 37 D-Class. I suppose giving a gun everyone who shouldn't have a gun was easier than strapping a hydrogen bomb to a horse oh bathsalts,

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