DrOneUp's Free Form Journal!

Hello there! This is my sandbox! I hope you'll enjoy the rough drafts and other scribble I include in here!

Here are my entries, take a gander!

So you're walking around the library, yes? Well have you ever come around a strange old man wearing a multi-colored robe, always reading some book? That man is Egbert and he is one of the immortals. He is actually known to be rather forlorn and dedicated to reading books.

You see, parent given Invincibility isn't always a good thing. Especially if you're someone like Egbert, a man who was given Invincibility and immortality by his overprotective parents when he was a child. Egbert was not given the usual features a human is normally given. He was deprived of the needs for hunger and thirst, he couldn't even get intoxicated by alcohol or addicting food. Egbert wasn't even given the ability to hurt himself for his skin was impervious to all weapons. Being this way was initially cool, until he saw everyone else around him age normally and die.

Being forced to see everyone you love and care for age and eventually die while you just age isn't pleasant. Fortunately, he was able to overcome this depression! He came across the library and was blown away by the immense amount of books inside. As Egbert looked around, he asked the patrons if anyone was able to read the entire contents of the library. He was given multiple variations of the same answer. "The library has every book that's ever been written, some that never were, and some that will be written. It's downright impossible to read the entire contents!"

None remember what his response was, but the most common accepted guess was that he smiled and "Unlikely yes, but not impossible." He then grabbed a book and began his new life. It's been about 100 years since that fateful day and so far Egbert has been continuing his goal like always. And with this goal came an ability that Egbert used constantly. Once he finished a book, Egbert could remember it's contents permanently. So he'd often make copies of a certain book for those wanted to more than just borrow said book, often for free. All you'd have to do is be polite and nicely ask.

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