Wandering Shelving

The Wandering Bookshelf. According to what is known of this, they are an unknown set of bookshelves of varying sizes and dimensions filled with different types of books. The contents of these vary depending on the need of the individual they choose, the "chosen" vary between people seeking casual information or people desperate for it (these being the most frequent cases of encounters). These books can contain all the information about a person, place or phenomenon. These books lack any type of image on their cover or back cover, the only thing they contain is the title of the desired information.

About the shelves: Most of these shelves are made of marble, although the material may change. The reason for these changes is unknown but it is believed that it depends on the environment where you are. When the reader finishes with the book, the bookshelf and all its books (with the exception of the chosen books) will be dematerialized and their whereabouts are unknown.

About books: These vary in materials, the most common being leather and common sheets of paper. Books vary in size depending on the content of what you want to learn. These books cannot be destroyed or damaged by any known means, although they may be scratched but as the hours pass, they will return to their previous state. These books, somehow unknown, are "updated" every time something new happens about what is wanted.

These books have the quality of being able to be read by any language, since each person can read it in their native language, no matter if the subject speaks more than 2 languages, it will always be in their native language.

Some books have gone through different types of studies and tests and are not different in the first instance to any books, so the reason for their apparent Indestructibility is unknown.

Some of these books taken off the shelves are entitled: How to be a Better Sportsman, The Thousand Best Jokes in the World !, The Life and Secrets of Patricia Alvarez (Made-up name, any relationship to someone else's is mere chance), and for Last, The Definitive Truth of Who Is Behind God.

There are several groups of individuals seeking to capture The Wandering Shelf. Many have failed but few have given up. Some want to secure and study this knowledge, others want to destroy it because it represents a potential danger to man, others just want to use it for their own convenience …

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