Inieta's grain dump

The best doggo:
(sorry for the bad writing, it is my first story.)

A soft glow emanated from the glade. The pond in the center was surrounded by a small ring of stones, and a holy light sprung from the center. This nook in the woods was slightly off though. a black and white bear dog was collapsed, quietly heaving, and bloodied from many gashes. slowly, almost too slow to see, the glow changed to a flowing green. now, gushing from the tree trunks. the leaves glowed too, and sent tendrils of mint into where it's heart would be, knitting it's ribs around a new golden glow. a light sniff, and the dog opened it's eyes. an ethereal woman's body floated out of the pond, arms outstretched, and closed the dog's eyes as you would a dead person.

"Sleep child."

a long pause,and she faded into the trees.


"yes." said a voice emanating from all around the glade.



a moment later a chain mail coat materialized and wrapped itself around the dog, along with a sheepskin, under it.

"boark", a vocalization of thanks.

"rise Ricket, and go forth, do my bidding."

only a happy "bork" replied.

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