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The wizard from Kaeden
As had been told, the wizard from Kaeden had entered the Library, ready to continue his quest for knowledge. His name had been whispered many times, but no one dared approach. The name that was whispered was "Evek Anetsa". Evek had read many books in the Library, and never once had the feeling of fascination left him. In Kaeden, authors were revered, but were very few. In this structure, he could read as much as he wanted, and many ancient tomes kept his interest for several days. The entrances he knew of were few, but he had several notes about how to enter from Kaeden, and a few places in Arcoan, but the places he enjoyed most were places from a world named "Earth". There were many books, and many authors. Evek enjoyed all books, even mediocre ones.

Evek ran into a problem though. As was told in The Book, an ancient Tome with the past, present, and future written. The book has rarely been wrong, but it is possible to defy the book and change the future. The land of Kaeden was run by The Book, and Evek had a strange destiny. He was known to the people of Kaeden as "The Collector of Knowledge". A dubious title to be sure, but strange.

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